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    Jan 2018 Highlights

    CT State EnConPolice
    East DistrictHighlights
    January 2018

    Public Safety Incidents
    Around duskon January 26, 2018, EnCon Police dispatch received notification throughMontville State Police that an older male and female had been seen leaving avehicle earlier in the day with hiking gear at a trailhead in Pachaug StateForest, Voluntown, and the vehicle was still there at sunset. The complainant was concerned for theapparently older couple and their safety in the below freezing temperaturesafter dark.Officers Williams, Tefft,and Sergeant Dwyer initially responded along with State Police and two of theircanine officers, who tracked from the vehicle with no results.Meanwhile, information was developed that theprobable subject was a 40 year old Massachusetts male who frequently campedsolo in winter weather.An hour or solater EnCon Police K9 Officer Reilly and K9 Hunter began a fresh track, andsoon located the lone male subject in good condition at his establishedcamp.As the subject was not in apermitted camping area, he was escorted to his vehicle and cited for trespass afterhours.
    Dumping Investigation/ Arrest
    EnCon PoliceOfficer Reilly received a complaint on January 8, 2018 of numerous garbage bagsand loose garbage dumped along Rt. 196 in and alongside Wopowog WildlifeManagement Area (WMA) in East Hampton. She found several trash bags over a one mile stretch along the road,with similar bags in an adjacent WMA parking lot.Through an investigation process a male and afemale subject were determined to be suspects. Contributing factors to theinvestigation included a drugstore receipt, store camera footage, and EastHampton Police assistance.Thetwenty-five year old male and twenty-seven year old female were located,confirmed to be the violators, and were issued Misdemeanor Summonses for thedumping violations; both were also arrested by East Hampton PD on similarcharges.East Hampton Public Worksassisted in removing the trash.
    Park & Forest Enforcement
    On 1/10/18Officer Ruggiero was checking ice fishermen at Black Pond, Middlefield, andfound a male and female in their twenties on the ice not engaged in fishing butwho admitted to smoking marijuana with a pipe. The party was issued an infraction for Possession of less than 1/2 oz.of marijuana.
    OfficerPettus received a complaint around sunset on 1/16/18 of five trucks racingaround Meshomasic State Forest, Portland. An hour and a half after sunset she stopped five trucks and tenoccupants, who stated they were ‘just having fun’ driving around theforest.The five vehicle operators werecited for trespass after hours and evicted.
    On January21st, Officer Ruggiero was patrolling Cockaponset State Forest inHaddam and came across three trucks off-roading, with one stuck, all in aposted ‘closed to motor vehicles’ area.A tow vehicle was summoned for the one broken down vehicle, all threeyoung male operators were cited for illegal use of trails / trespass.
    CT State EnConPolice
    Marine DistrictHighlights
    January 2018
    Fishing Enforcement
    On January1, 2018 Officer Blackwell was conducting ice fishing enforcement on Gorton Pondin East Lyme and observed three individuals ice fishing. Prior to checking the individuals OfficerBlackwell inspected the tip-ups and found one individual had more than the 6 ofthe allowed amount by state regulation.Officer Blackwell also saw a dead chain pickerel on the ice of which shemeasured to be less than the minimum length of 15 inches.Officer Blackwell approached the three malesand determined that one individual was also fishing w/o a valid license.All were cited, one for exceeding the numberof tip-ups, another for fishing w/o a license and the third for possessing achain pickerel below the minimum length.
    Motor Vehicle Enforcement
    On January1, 2018 Officer Tefft responded to Harkness State park for a trespassingincident after sunset (state parks clos at sunset.) Upon arrival Officer Tefft observed anindividual operating a Toyota Scion within the parks’ closed gate.Officer Tefft stopped the vehicle and askedthe operator for his driver’s license.The operator stated he did not have one and instead provided a passportfrom Ecuador.A CT DMV query showed theoperator’s privilege to operate a motor vehicle in CT was suspended.Officer Tefft then asked said individual forhis registration and insurance.Theindividual again stated he did not have said paperwork.The individual stated he had bought the carearlier in the day and could not provide a bill of sale and stated to OfficerTefft he had borrowed a license plate from a friend and it did not belong thevehicle.CT DMV records indicated theplate was cancelled in 2015.Theindividual was arrested by Officer Tefft and issued a summons for Misuse ofPlates, No Motor Vehicle Insurance and Operating Under Suspension.The vehicle was subsequently towed.
    Hunting Enforcement
    On January1, 2018 Officer Tefft observed a waterfowl hunter in a vessel near Great Islandin Old Lyme. Upon conducting acompliance check Officer Tefft realized the individual was the subject of ahunting violation that had occurred in October, 2017 where he evaded beingchecked by another EnCon Officer while waterfowl hunting.Officer Tefft noticed that the individual hadpurchased his 2017 State Duck Stamp/HIP permit in November and questioned thehunter if he was waterfowl hunting in October, 2017 without said State DuckStamp/HIP permit to which he shrugged his shoulders and didn’t respond.Officer Tefft issued the individual aninfraction for waterfowl hunting without the required State Duck/HIP permit.
    Public Safety Assist
    On January5, 2018 Officer O’Brien came upon a motor vehicle accident in the town ofPlainville. He exited his patrol vehicleto ascertain information and was told by one of the victims that the suspecthad evaded the scene and fled on foot approximately two minutes prior to hisarrival.Due to the snowstorm OfficerO’Brien began tracking the individual in the snow and requested back-up fromPlainville Police.EnCon Officers Nortonand Hey also responded and assisted in the search.After a lengthy pursuit, Officer O’Brien wasable to locate the suspect near the Southington Town Line and took him intocustody.
    On January10th, 2018 Officers O’Brien, Blackwell, Fliss along with SergeantStanko responded to Rocky Neck State park for a report of a 19 year oldsuicidal male that had fled into the park on foot.East Lyme had begun a track of saidindividual outside of the park and had entered the park following foot printsin the snow heading towards the West Beach area of the park.Officer O’Brien met up with East Lyme PoliceOfficers and began a searching.Respondingofficers and Sergeant Stanko ensured that EMS and Fire were standing by andrequested Amtrack to slow down their trains when traveling through thearea.Within several minutes OfficerO’Brien located the individual near the pavilion heading towards thewater.Officer O’Brien was able to makecontact with the individual before he went any further and for his safety tookhim into custody.The individual wasevaluated by EMS at the scene and committed to a local hospital for furtherobservation and treatment.
    CT State EnCon Police
    West District Highlights
    January 2018


    On 1/11/18 two individuals were charged withfishing violations as a result of an investigation that began on 12/11/17. DEEP Dispatch received an anonymous email witha picture of a male holding an approximate 5 foot long replica lure with threeshort striped bass hanging from the three separate treble hooks. The photo wastaken on 12/4/17 on the Housatonic River in Shelton.Officer Mihalyak interviewed the accused whoprovided a statement confirming what was seen in the photograph.He also stated that another individual wasfishing with him at the time and participated in catching the striped bass thatwere hanging from the replica lure.Thatperson was also interviewed and provided a statement as well. Both were issuedMisdemeanor Summons for violations of Possession of striped bass less thanlegal limit; striped bass not immediately returned and Excess creel. Both werescheduled to appear on 01/23/2018, at 0900 hours at Derby Superior Court.

    On 1/19/18 atapproximately 1020 hours, Officer Kiely was dispatched to the Housatonic Riverin Derby for the report a male keeping short stripers in a luggage type bagthat were caught through the ice. Upon arrival, Officer Kiely made contactwith the accused who possessed a valid 2018 Inland Fishing License. Theaccused stated they only caught several yellow perch which were lying on theice. A check of the luggage bag next to the accused revealed a greencolored shopping bag that was ‘moving’. The shopping bag was removed and twoundersize striped bass were found. The striped bass ranged between 15inches and 19 inches. The accused stated he didn't know it was illegal tokeep short striped bass. The striped bass were returned to the waterunharmed. The accused was issued a misdemeanor summons for possession ofexcess creel limit of striped bass and possession of less than legal length.


    On 1/4/18 Southwest Officers assisted Pennsylvania Game CommissionOfficers with an illegal deer hunting investigation. Officers interviewed thesuspect regarding illegal poaching activity in Pennsylvania. The accused provided a written statement wherehe confessed to illegally harvesting a deer in Pennsylvania without a huntinglicense. His statement was forwarded to Pennsylvania Game Commission Officers,where they were able to charge the suspect. All hunting violations occurred in the Stateof Pennsylvania.
    On 1/10/18Officer Johnston and Officer Hey responded to a neighborhood in Weston at therequest from the Weston Police Department for a report of a hunter dragging adeer through a backyard. Upon arrival officers made contact with thesuspect who stated he had shot a deer with his bow and that it thenran onto an adjacent property. The suspect was unable to produce a 2018Hunting License. While being questioned on-scene the suspect had a panicattack. Weston EMS was called and treated the suspect on-scene. It wasdiscovered the suspect had purchased his 2018 hunting license on his phonebetween when officers arrived on-scene to when he was released by EMS. It wasfurther discovered that the suspect did not have written permission tohunt on the property where he shot the deer. The suspect was charged with Huntingwithout a License, Archery Hunting without a Permit, and Archery Huntingon Private Property without Written Consent. He is scheduled to appear onJanuary 23rd at GA-20 in Norwalk. The deer was seized and donated tocharity.


    On 11/17/17 a Southwest Officer observed a vehicle, a 1999Nissan 200SX, color black, travelling south on interstate 91 in the area ofexit 14, Wallingford. A DMV query of the registration plate showed “No recordfound.” A motor vehicle stop was conducted in the area of exit 13 on interstate91, Wallingford. Upon approaching the vehicle the operator (who could notprovide a photo ID) verbally identified himself. It was later determined thatthe operator provided false information about his identity and he was lateraccurately identified. On the evening of the motor vehicle stop, the accused wasissued a Misdemeanor Summons under the name of his brother. The brother (whowas not in the vehicle the day of the stop) received a letter from courtnotifying him of his court date. The victim showed up to GA-7 in Meriden andinformed them that his brother falsely provided his information at the carstop. The victim provided a sworn written statement in regards to the incident.An arrest warrant for the accused operator was obtained and on 01/25/2018 he wasarrested and charged with the following: Improper Use of Marker Plate, Operating Unregistered Motor Vehicle, OperatingUnder Suspension, Insurance Fails Minimum Requirements, Criminal Impersonation,Interfering With Officer, and (2) two counts of Forgery Third Degree.

    During the month of January a District K-9 officer respondedto a Search & Rescue for a suicidal juvenile in the area of Dennis HillState Park. The juvenile was located by CSP on private property.

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