CT EnCon Police
Eastern DistrictHighlights
February 2018

Missing Snowmobiler Recovered
On February13th, 2018, with warming temperatures and thinning ice, anindividual believed they observed what appeared to be part of a body floatingin Pachaug Pond, Griswold, off the state boat launch and in the proximity ofwhere a 57 year old Griswold male’s snowmobile was found in December 2017 andno recovery of the subject was made, despite several attempts by firstresponders and police dive teams.OfficersWilliams, Tavares and Sgt. Kane responded to the launch, while a private droneoperated by a fire department member confirmed the presence of a body.Griswold and Jewett City Fire Departmentpersonnel recovered the body of a male later confirmed to be the missingsnowmobiler, John Dubois.Finalinvestigation results are pending the state Medical Examiner’s final report.
Trapping Incidents
On 2/10/18,Officer Pettus responded to Enfield on a complaint of a fox possibly caught ina snare. Upon arrival to the suburbanarea, she received further details and photos of a fox with an apparentconibear trap around its mouth.OfficerPettus observed the animal with the trap nearby, but the animal was too mobileto capture or attempt to safely euthanize.A male was soon observed in the immediate area carrying a sack towardthe brook where the fox had been seen; the 64 year old male lived nearby, andhad set several similar traps on trees and out of the water (unpadded trapsshould be set in water).He was missingone of his traps on a tree set.Hefurther stated he had been trapping the area for two years, primarily forraccoons, had a license but no written landowner permission.The subject received a summons for illegaltrap set and trapping without written permission, and removed all his traps.
Whileinvestigating a trapping complaint in Windham on 2/24/18, Officers Danielsonand Vroman located the 64 year old complainant and a 42 year old male who wasallegedly harassing the complainant who also had a valid arrest warrant formotor vehicle violations in Norwich. Theyounger male received a warning for the trapping incident, and was held byEnCon Police until Norwich police took him into custody on the warrant charges.
Public Safety Incidents
On theafternoon of 2/16/18, Officers Scatena and Landry responded to Bigelow HollowState Park, Union, for a report of twopeople seen walking onto the ice with coolers then they were no longer visible;a vehicle was nearby.Following furtherreports of a potential missing subject from New Britain, the male vehicle ownerand male companion were located safely ice fishing with no other issues /violations found.
On 2/20/18,Officers Tavares and Williams responded to a trail in Pachaug State Forest,Griswold, for a 55 year old male walking around partially clothed andexhibiting signs of emotional disturbance. A family member on scene indicated the male had prior suicidal thoughtsand recent health issues.The subjectwas taken to Backus Hospital for an emergency health examination.
Recreation / Other EnforcementActivity
EnCon PoliceOfficer Tefft received an anonymous complaint on 2/3/18 of a white male with ared beard hunting with a high caliber rifle in Pachaug State Forest,Voluntown. The compainant provided a vehicleregistration owned by a 57 year old Groton resident.On 2/11/18, Officer Tefft met the suspect,who expected the officer’s visit.Hegave a statement that he was hunting with a .270 caliber rifle for coyotes inPachaug on 2/3/18, did not have a 2018 hunting license, and wore only an orangehat while hunting.He also indicatedduring the interview that he had taken a coyote in 2017 but had not reported itnor had it tagged per regulations – the pelt was seized and a warning for thisviolation issued.The subject was alsocited for hunting on 2/3/18 without a license, and warned for the orange andweapon violations.
On February16th, Officer Landry found two vehicles parked together in a pulloffin Bigelow Hollow State Park after sunset.Upon approach, a male and female exited the vehicle; the male fromWallingford was cited for being in the park after hours.The female’s vehicle, a 1995 FordThunderbird, was actually registered to a minivan.The subject stated she had just registeredthe vehicle but could not provide proper paperwork; she then admitted to havinga suspended driver’s license as well as an unregistered vehicle, and received asummons for these violations.The twoparties stated they had met on a website and used Bigelow Hollow for a mid-waymeeting point.
Later on2/16/18, Officer Landry found two males and two females in Meshomasic StateForest, Glastonbury after hours and issued citations. On February 28th Officer Danielsonresponded to Hebron for a report of two vehicles stuck in the mud, and citedthe same two males Officer Landry found on 2/16, this time for simple trespass.
On February20th, 2018, Officer Curran found a concrete and asphalt debris pileon Franklin WMA property; he received information from a local public worksemployee on the vehicle that dumped the materials, including a photograph.The vehicle’s registered owner admitted tothe dumping, cleaned up the debris, and was issued a $300 fine.

Public Outreach
EasternDistrict officers worked with the Boating Division at the Connecticut MarineTrades Association Hartford Boat Show February 9th-11th,interacting with numerous boaters and marine vendors.
CT State EnCon Police
Marine District Highlights
February 2018
EnCon Officer Blackwell attended a month long Marine LawEnforcement Training Program in Glynco Georgia put on by the Department ofHomeland Security Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). This very intensive training consisted ofnautical terminology, marlinspike seamanship, safety and emergency equipment,navigation rules, heavy weather operations, officer survival afloat, aids tonavigation, vessel handling, pursuit, stop and approach, emergency procedures,boarding procedures, chart interpretation, piloting and dead reckoning, vesselintercepts, environmental stress, trailering, communications, preventativemaintenance and electronic navigation.Several CT EnCon Officers have attended this valuable training over thepast years.It has not only been ahighlight of their careers but they have been able to put the training to gooduse conducting recreational and commercial fishing enforcement, boating safetyenforcement and search and rescue missions.
On February 15th, 2018 Sergeant Stone wasconducting shellfish enforcement, specifically commercial oyster harvesting onthe Housatonic River in Stratford. The Housatonic River is classified asProhibited by the Department of Agriculture.Only commercial shell fishing license holders with a Long-Term ShellfishTransplant Relay License can harvest oysters from the Housatonic River.The classification of Prohibited means thatoysters harvested from the Housatonic River must be relayed to cleaner waterfor a period of at least six months prior to be harvested for market.The Department of Agriculture has determinedthe six-month period in cleaner waters is required to mitigate the levels ofbacteria and viruses found in oysters from prohibited areas, obvious health andsafety issues.The license also requiresthe harvester to call into DEEP Dispatch notifying their start time, locationand expected end time.All commercialvessels conducting oyster harvest in the Housatonic River are also required tohave a Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) on board for tracking purposes.
On this day, Sergeant Stone called into DEEP Dispatch toinquire who had called in to verify they were conducting a relay. Sergeant Stone obtained said information andrealized that one vessel had not called in of which he could see was activelyharvesting oysters from the river.Through training and experience Sergeant Stone realized that commercialshell fishermen will sometimes not call in their relays in hopes of marketinglegal sized oysters of which they will either land or take directly to market,or relay to a bed not on their relay license to avoid detection and get tomarket prior to the six-month depuration period.Upon verification of the commercial shell fisherman’slicense and VMS track for the day, Sergeant Stone was able to determine thatsaid commercial shell fisherman relayed the harvested oysters from theHousatonic River to a shellfish bed in Milford.The commercial shell fisherman could only relay to beds he hadpermission to of which were in Westport and Stratford.Sergeant Stone contacted DEEP Dispatch whorelated that the vessel in question had just phoned in the relay, almost anhour after they started and related they would be relaying their oysters totheir licensed shellfish bed in Westport.Sergeant Stone watched the vessel on VMS and tracked it from theshellfish bed in Milford to its homeport in Bridgeport.Sergeant Stone then met the vessel captainand license holder and inquired about the relay.Sergeant Stone was able to match the VMStrack with the vessel’s GPS track for the day.When questioned, the commercial shell fisherman related there must havebeen an error from the Department of Agriculture.Sergeant Stone issued said commercial shellfisherman a Misdemeanor Summons for violation of his shellfish license.The Department of Agriculture was notifiedand shut down the shellfish bed in Milford of which 80 bushels of oysters wereillegally relayed to that day for six months.
On February 19th, 2018 Officer Bruno and SergeantChemacki received information from Rhode Island Environmental Police that acommercial fisherman out of New London had landed 2048 pounds of summerflounder in Point Judith Rhode Island.The legal amount of summer flounder to be landed in Rhode Island is 1500pounds per biweekly period.It was alsorelated from Rhode Island Environmental Police that said commercial fishermanhad offloaded summer flounder in excess of the creel limit during the previousbiweekly.Officer Bruno and SergeantChemacki were familiar with the commercial fisherman who has had previousviolations for excess creel limits and where he would be coming into port inNew London and advised Rhode Island to start making their way toConnecticut.Within a short period oftime Officer Bruno and Sergeant Chemacki were able to locate the commercialfishermen at the dock in New London when he returned and notified Rhode IslandEnvironmental Police of their location.The commercial fisherman was issued a Misdemeanor Summons from RhodeIsland Environmental Police for excessive creel limit of summer flounder.
On February 20th, 2018 Officer Bruno receivedinformation regarding illegal trapping in the town of Niantic concerning aninjured coyote caught in a leghold trap near a highly residential area.Upon arrival Officer Bruno observed theseverely injured coyote, exhausted and barely breathing.Officer Bruno also determined that the trap wasan illegal land set leg hold trap of which the season ended on January 1st,2018.Due to the coyote’s poor conditionOfficer Bruno had to euthanize it.Officer Bruno met the complainant who related she has seen traps hangingin her neighbor’s yard.Officer Brunocontacted the neighbor of which he has had contact before on a complaint of acoyote that was found with a leg hold trap attached to it with said individualsname on it.The accused initially statedhe only had a deer camera in the area but after persistent questioning fromOfficer Bruno, changed his story and admitted to having one raccoon trap in thearea. The accused took Officer Bruno to the trap of which was not properlylabeled.The trap was thendeactivated.The accused again denied hehad any more traps but shortly thereafter admitted he had another trap set consistingof an unlabeled Hav-A-Hart trap.Theaccused was again deceptive of having any more traps until Officer Bruno beganmaking his way towards the leg hold trap with the coyote.At this time the accused admitted to settingthe illegal trap and showed Officer Bruno yet another illegal trap of which aDuke Bridger 1.75 unpadded leg was hold trap found hidden under the leaves onthe ground.In total there were fourillegally set traps, three of which were unlabeled.Further investigation found that the accuseddid not have written permission to trap the land and did not even possess a2018 trapping license or land trapping license.The accused was charged with illegal trap sets, failure to label traps,trapping without written permission from the landowner and trapping without alicense.

CT StateEnCon Police
Westdistrict Highlights


On 2/12/18Officer Johnston took a Meriden man intocustody at CSP Troop I on a warrant for Criminal Trespass, 3rdDegree (2 counts), Interfering with an Officer, Hunting on Private Land WithoutPermission of the Owner of Such Land (2 counts), and Failure to WearFour-Hundred Square Inches of Orange While Hunting (2 counts). The arrest stemsfor a lengthy investigation that started when Officer Johnston went out for afoot patrol at Giuffrida Park in Meriden on 11/23/17, Thanksgiving, anddiscovered numerous items that indicated that illegal hunting was taking place.On 2/8/18 when officers went to interview the suspect he made statementsthat misled officers. The investigation is still active and suspects are stillbeing sought.

On 02/21/18 Off.Heath received a call for service regarding a rifle that was found on the sideof a popular walking trail in the Peoples state forest. Upon arrival, athorough check of the area was performed with negative results. The followingday this same officer received information from an individual who statedthey had seen a man earlier the prior day walking with a rifle across his backand not wearing safety orange, in the same area as the prior day’s complaint.The witness was able to provide this officer with a picture of the suspectalong with his vehicle. This officer along with another Northwest officer wentto the suspects address and obtained a full admission of guilt of the priorday’s incident. Charges are pending for the following: "RecklessEndangerment", "Hunting without 400" of safety orange",Negligent Hunting 4th" and "Weapons in a motor vehicle".

On 02/24/18Officer Yescott responded to a complaint of illegal hunting in Burlington.Officer Yescott was able to locate the suspects quickly. This was due to hisextensive knowledge of the area. Two males were found trespassing and illegallyhunting coyote on the New Britain Reservoir Co. property. Both males wereinterviewed and admitted to setting up and calling two coyotes into their set.They stated they missed both coyotes and were using Savage.17s. They stated that they believed they were on Nassahegan StateForest property. Both males were issuedinfractions for Simple Trespass.


During the month of February Officer Flockhart and K-9 Ellieresponded to a possible Search & Rescue (SAR) for a suicide male atPeople’s State Forest, and the individual was ultimately located in NewBritain. They also took part in the “No Child Left Inside” Public Outreachevent at Burr Pond State Park.