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Thread: State Officials Back Bear Hunt Legislation, Many Opposed

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    State Officials Back Bear Hunt Legislation, Many Opposed

    HARTFORD, CTóAnother attempt is being made this year to establish a black bear hunting season in Connecticut, specifically in Litchfield County.The bill, HB 5358, was the subject of an Environment Committee public hearing Friday. If enacted, the hunting rules would duplicate whatís already in place for deer hunters.

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    800 bears. Hahaha. Thatís cute. At minimum Iíd say double that number. Thatís just my opinion. 5,600 reported sightings. Quadruple that number to account for the number of times a bear goes unreported - especially here in NW CT where bears are a part of life. I see bears weekly. Iíve never called one in. Iíve received so many calls over the last 5 years about nuisance bears, many of them destructive individuals damaging and destroying property. Of course there is nothing that can be done about it. Call the state I tell everyone. The bears in this corner of the state are in immediate conflict with human beings and itís only a matter of time until something heinous happens. Iíve said it for years - all of a sudden little Johnny wonít be in the sand box anymore. Then the cry will come from everywhere to kill the bears. I fully support a bear hunting season in northwest Connecticut but Iím actually glad this bill will likely fail. I do not think it was approached properly by mirroring CT deer hunting regulations. I believe it should be done by lottery for a specifically and scientifically set number of tags that changes yearly based upon harvest and population data. Of course, thatís impossible in a state where funding for wildlife sciences and field research is almost non existent. It really is a damn shame.

    These situations always remind me of an opinion piece written by Bob Noonan in a copy of Trappers Post sometime in the past few years. He gives a sound and reasonable take on why ignorance amongst the general population will continually prevail as the urban and suburban/rural divide rapidly expands. Iíll try and find it and post up a picture. Itís worth the read.
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    I agree with WoodsmanA it should be a lottery with a more scientific approach than just to pour money into Malloy's wasteful basket. It is a problem that is going to get worse and I see bobcats perhaps going the same route. They aren't Disney creatures and will eat and conflict will come. They both need to view humans as a danger.



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