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Thread: Facebook comment about gun ammo leads to arrest

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    Facebook comment about gun ammo leads to arrest

    We have really gone down the rabbit hole these days. Unbelievable.


    DARIEN — A Stratford man’s comment on Facebook about a newspaper story on school shootings led to his arrest on a charge of disorderly conduct.
    On Feb. 24 Raymond Moerloer, of Sedgewick Avenue, wrote, “Thanks for the reminder, I need to buy ammo,” on the story, which was about a planned walk out in support of gun control. Police received several anonymous complaints about the comment.

    When contacted by police, Moerloer, 67, admitted to posting the comment but denied any intention to sound threatening. He immediately removed the comment after talking with police.
    Based on their investigation, police applied for a warrant for Moerloer’s arrest. He turned himself in at police headquarters on Feb. 26 and was released on a promise to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford March 8.

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    So are you concerned with the fact he got arrested for the comment or for him posting the comment?

    Neither one makes sense - the arrest and the comment. You have to have some sensitivity and smarts when posting things like this on Social media especially after finding out that the authorities had all kind of interactions with the recent shooter and he still did what he did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by passinthru63 View Post
    You have to have some sensitivity and smarts when posting things like this on Social media ....

    I must wholeheartedly disagree. While it may not have been the most polite thing to 'say' it does not warrant arrest. Censorship either by society or .gov is not acceptable. In this case there is de facto state sponsored censorship if not de jure. From the account given he did not directly or indirectly threaten anyone. Replace ammo with milk, eggs, whatever and you see the silliness (and illegality) of this. Being absurd you say? Suppose a vegan takes offense the I'm drinking milk or eating eggs. What if someone got egged last Halloween and sees a statement to go buy eggs is seen as a threat. If 'scaring' someone or 'hurting their feelings' or uttering something someone disagrees with is an arrest-able offense then we are indeed in very deep kimchi.

    HH nailed it - down the rabbit hole where things get crazy.

    What is really nice about this whole deal is our beloved governor was recently heard to call the NRA (how The NRA differs from its members is beyond me) are Nazis. Yet no police were sent to arrest him.

    Of the two, the guv's comments would seem to me to be the more dangerous.



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