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Thread: Turkey Stamp/ Limit

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    I dont know if I my wife and family could take all day turkey hunting. I would feel obligated to be out there every moment I legally could. I can see it now going in the woods at 4 am and leaving at 730pm. Never mind just being able to hunt in the morning's I would have time to go every night after work as well. All joking aside I am not in favor of this either like you stated to easy to ambush them going to roost.
    Totally agree with you. Iíd end up taking a lunch box with me and be there all day

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooManyHobbies View Post
    For you young pups that don't know what a dictionary's when google was still on paper and they made information books out of them.
    Yikes! I didn't realize I was dating myself!



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