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Thread: XOP Stick Failure

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    XOP Stick Failure

    I saw this and thought I would pass it along for those that use XOP sticks.


    Well this morning I experience a stick failure first hand. Luckily it was the bottom step on my 1st stick that failed while I was getting my next stick ready. I was wearing my linemans belt and only 3 ft off the ground but the experience has me pretty shook up and ticked off. I only had some bloody knuckles and a sore shoulder from the way I grabbed for anything I could when I felt the step give away. I have only used these sticks 4 times and never exceeded the weight capacity. I found a thread on Archery Talk that had others with failures with the same piece of the stand. They talked to xop recently and they claimed this is a new issue but I will be letting them know tomorrow that it's not an isolated incident. If anyone else here has had issues then I would assume you have let xop know. If this is a huge safety hazard I feel I wouldn't be doing right by the hunting community if I didn't push this issue. Anyone who has not experienced a failure should inspect their sticks and also refer to this Archery Talk thread.

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    There is an upgrade kit available to address this issue:

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