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CT State EnCon Police
East District Highlights
December 2017

Public Safety Incident
Early Saturday evening, December 16, 2017, Officers Williams, Ruggiero, Landry, Blackwell, and Sergeant Chemacki responded to Pachaug Pond state boat launch, Griswold, following a request from State Police regarding a missing 56 year old male who had left his residence on the other side of the nearly-frozen pond on a snowmobile an hour earlier. The snowmobile was found in shallow water about 100 yards from the boat ramp with openings in the ice water. Local fire rescue units, including divers from Norwich and Old Mystic fire departments, attempted initial water entry but could not access the area due to the ice conditions. The State Police Dive Unit also attempted access to the location but were hindered by the ice, which was too thin to support units and equipment but denied open water access. The search was suspended late the next day, and briefly resumed on 12/24 when CSP divers had better ice conditions – also with negative results. EnCon Police continue the investigation, and to monitor ice conditions and notify State Police, who will make further recovery attempts as weather and equipment allow.
Deer Hunting Enforcement
On 12/3/17, about forty-five minutes after sunset, Officer Wojcik observed a pickup truck pulling into a field in Salem and shining the known deer habitat with its headlights. Upon approach he also observed an archery hunting arrow in the back of the vehicle, and soon stopped the male operator and female passenger, with backup from Officer Blackwell. After initially denying having any weapons in the vehicle, the 24 year old male operator was eventually found to have a 12 gauge shotgun and .17 caliber rifle with ammunition in the vehicle cab, and a .380 pistol on his person. The male was arrested and processed for jacklighting deer, and is scheduled to appear in Norwich court.
On December 12, 2017, Officers Danielson and Pettus responded in the early morning hours to the Spignesi WMA, Scotland, on a State Police initial report of shots fired, and two males with a deer in a vehicle. Upon investigation, officers confirmed the 27 year old male had struck the deer earlier in the day (vehicle damage observed) and called his 45 year old friend to help track and retrieve it. Both received citations for trespassing in the WMA during closed hours.
Officer J. Williams investigated an illegal deer hunting / trespass incident on 12/17/17 on former Norwich State Hospital property, and located a fresh deer carcass with ATV tracks leading to a neighboring house. A witness stated they saw the ATV operator standing over the deer with a rifle, but declined to make a formal complaint fearing some type of retribution. The ATV operator was found at this home, and he admitted to operating it on neighboring properties without permission or registration, but stated he knew nothing of the deer incident. The 59 year old male was cited for the ATV violations and remains a suspect in the incident pending further investigation.
On 12/30/17, Officer J. Williams and Sergeant Kane responded to Sprague for a report of a male muzzleloader hunting on the complainant’s property without permission. The 45 year old male suspect had the proper licenses and permit, but stated he did not know whose land he was on, further stating he knew the season was nearly over and just wanted to shoot deer. He was arrested for hunting without landowner permission and trespassing.
Also on 12/30, Officer Pettus responded to a State Police request for assistance with an illegal hunting incident in Ellington. Following investigation, it was determined a 54 year old male and his 17 year old son had been out on 40 acres the father had acquired across the street from their home with a .308 rifle the father had just gotten for Christmas. The father thought he only needed a firearms license to hunt as a landowner, and stated he had shot at a deer but apparently missed. Both received warnings for illegal deer hunting and were advised how to get the required permits.
Recreation / Other Enforcement Activity
EnCon Police Officer Danielson on 12/13/17 investigated a complaint of a male trespassing and springing legally-set traps from a commercial property in Stafford. The following day Officers Danielson and Pettus investigated further when workers saw a known suspect trespassing, springing traps and taking a game camera. The officers contacted the suspect, retrieved the game camera (which showed the suspect committing the illegal acts), and cited the 56 year old Enfield man for trespass and public disturbance violations, with a warning for harassment.
In November 2017, Officer Pettus investigated a complaint of roofing shingles and building materials dumped in Nye Holman State Forest, Ellington. The investigation eventually revealed a suspect who admitted to the event and was cited for dumping on 12/19/17.
Officer Pettus responded on December 26th to Andover for a hunter who found his treestand tampered with (safety strap loosened and support bar missing). Two young females, ages 19 and 23, were seen on a game camera committing the acts; Officer Pettus followed footsteps from the treestand to a neighboring home and found the two females, who admitted to the incident. They were cited for trespassing and returned the missing support bar.
Public Outreach, Other Events
EnCon Police officers from the Eastern and Marine Districts participated as an honor guard on December 3rd and 4th in Willimantic at the wake and funeral services for retired Connecticut Conservation Officer Philip Russell. An army veteran and Hampton resident, Russell served the state Fish and Game Board / DEP from 1966 through 1986.
Officer J. Williams attended a youth bird hunt at the Groton Sportsman Club, North Stonington, on December 3rd, 2017.

CT State EnCon Police
Marine District Highlights
December 2017

On 12/2/2017 Officer Blackwell checked two vessels and occupants that came into the Niantic River Boat Launch from their respective fishing trips. Upon checking the vessels Officer Blackwell determined that one individual on each vessel was in possession of short/ undersized Tautog. Both individuals were issued infractions for illegal possession of short Tautog.
On 12/7/2017 Officers Nivolo and Bernier along with K-9 Sadie responded to a complaint of two men keeping short striped bass at the mouth of the Quinnipiac River on James Street in New Haven. Upon arrival Officer Nivolo saw the two individuals actively fishing. Officer Nivolo approached them and inquired how the fishing was. Both stated they had caught several short striped bass but had released them back into the water. Office Nivolo related to both individuals that he had complaints that they were keeping short striped bass. Both individuals stated they were not in possession of any short fish. Officer Nivolo with reasons to believe that they were being dishonest requested that Officer Bernier and her K-9 partner Sadie search the area for undersized fish. Within minutes K-9 Sadie alerted officers of several undersized striped bass hidden in an adjacent wooded area within close proximity to the accused. One individual was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for possession of striped bass over the daily creel limit and possession of undersized striped bass, the second individual was issued a misdemeanor summons for possession for undersized striped bass.

On 12/13 2017 Officer Bruno was conducting commercial fisheries enforcement at the New London Seafood Distributors and saw a commercial fishing vessel offload 60 pounds of smooth dogfish. The commercial season for smooth dogfish is currently closed in CT. The Captain stated he was unaware of the closure and that it had been his first time out fishing in several months due to mechanical issues with his vessel. The Captain was issued a written warning for the violation and the seized catch was donated to the New London Food Bank.

On 12/3/2017 Officers Nivolo and Bernier were on patrol in the town of Stamford and noticed an unoccupied vehicle parked on Scofield Town Rd. displaying New York registration plates. A look through the window of the cab area within the vehicle officers observed articles of hunting clothing indicating someone may be out hunting on private land owned by the Bridgeport Roman Catholic Diocese. Both sides of the property are owned by Eversource and the City of Stamford. Officer Nivolo had walked the same property recently and had located a ladder type tree stand and a tripod deer feeder. Officer Nivolo walked out to the ladder stands location and located an individual in full camouflage clothing holding a compound bow. A compliance check was made and said individual related he did not know he needed written permission from the landowner if the land was not posted. He was further asked if he knew what property he was on at which time he admitted that he did not know what property he was hunting on and that he had been hunting there for two years. The individual was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for Archery Deer Hunting on Private Land w/o Written Consent and Failure to Wear / Have Fluorescent Orange as required during the open shotgun/ rifle deer season.
On 12/21/2017 Officer Tefft effected an arrest by means of a warrant of a 21 year old Waterford male for illegally taking a white tailed deer on private property without the proper written consent, no archery permit, failure to tag and failure to report. Officer Tefft’s investigation started in November when he received an anonymous complaint of illegal archery deer hunting that was posted on an Instagram social media account. The anonymous complainant revealed the subject’s name and address and related the individual did not have an archery permit to hunt deer. The individual also posted two pictures of himself with the deer on Snapchat, another social media website. Officer Tefft continued his investigation and confirmed all of the relevant information which included a search for a valid hunting license for the individual which produced negative results. Officer Tefft was able to meet said individual at his residence and obtained a sworn written statement regarding the incident. Officer Tefft concluded that the individual did not have a valid archery deer hunting license and failed to have proper written consent to hunt the private land he took the deer from as well as failure to tag the deer and report the kill within 24 hours. Officer Tefft submitted a warrant for the arrest of said individual that was granted on 12/15/17 and served on 12/21/17 with a court date of 1/4/2018.
On 12/15/2017 Officer Blackwell responded to the Mystic River at approximately 6:15 AM for a report of three waterfowl hunters that had capsized their vessel, an 11 foot aluminum Jon boat, and were in the water in the vicinity of the Mystic Shipyard. All three individuals were able to swim to shore and were wearing their PFD’s as required. Temperatures that day were in the teens. In addition to the capsized vessel, the hunters’ guns fell into the river. Fortunately they all were in floating gun cases but had floated down river. Officer Blackwell with the assistance from the Mystic Shipyard began a search for said shotguns all of which were located a significant distance downstream. There were no injuries.

During the month of December Marine District Officers conducted several seafood dealer inspections including several markets and truck stops ensuring compliance of State and Federal Fisheries and Shellfisheries regulations.

CT State EnCon Police
West District Highlights
December 2017


On 12/01/17, Officer Heath received a report of an individual who had illegally killed two antlered deer during the closed season. Through investigation and further information from the complainant, he was able to gather the appropriate information to locate and identify the accused. On 12/09/17 officers from the Northwest sector arrived at the accused's address for an interview. Prior to entering the house of the accused, officers noticed the heads of an 8 point buck and an 11 point buck laying on the ground outside. Through further investigation, the accused ultimately confessed to all aspects of the crime. The accused was charged with Hunting shotgun/rifle private land during closed season, 2 counts of Failure to report deer kill within 24hrs, 2 counts of exceeding deer harvest limit, and Hunting deer without permit. The accused is scheduled to appear in court at the end of December.

On 12/5/2017 while traveling on Rt. 34 Berkshire Road in Newtown Sergeant Buckley saw a male walking through a property wearing an insufficient amount of blaze hunting orange carrying a hunting implement. The male was well within the 500 ft. safety zone of multiple residences between Chestnut Hill Road and Great Ring Road. Sergeant Buckley and Officer Kiely determined the male had written permission to the hunt property however, the male had loaded his firearm at his truck parked along Rt. 34 Berkshire Road. The male was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for carrying/hunting loaded firearm within 500 feet of an occupied building and failure to wearing at least 400 square inches of blaze hunting/ safety orange.
On 12/14/17 Officer Johnston was on routine patrol in the town of Middlebury. While on foot patrol he located an individual who was in possession of a loaded muzzleloader in a tree stand. The suspect was unable to produce written permission for the property that he was hunting. The male was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for Failure to Obtain Written Consent while Firearms Deer Hunting on Private Property. A court date of December 28, 2017 was issued at GA-4 in Waterbury.

On 12/18/2017 Officer Kiely was dispatched to the residential area of Edgewood Road, Berlin for the report of an illegal deer bait site. Upon arrival, he noticed a blood trail leading from a residential driveway on Edgewood Road into the woods directly adjacent to an illegal bait site and camouflaged hunting blind. Based on the snowy weather over the past week it was determined a deer was killed between 12/16 and 12/17. The owner of said residential property possessed a valid 2017 Hunting license and harvest reports showed a deer kill on 12/16 in Berlin. The homeowner/ accused verbally admitted to illegally hunting over bait on 12/16. The accused was issued a misdemeanor summons for hunting over bait. The quartered deer remains were seized and donated to the “Hunt to feed” program.


On 12/04/17, Officer Heath received a report of an individual that had his tree stand stolen from the Bloomfield Flood Control hunting area Site 1. Upon meeting with the complainant, the officer learned that the complainant has had issues with theft in the past and in this particular situation he had installed a GPS unit onto his tree stand/climber. The complainant was able to provide Officer Heath with ballpark coordinates as to where the stand would be located. Along with help from an Eastern district Sergeant, Officer Heath was able to locate and recover the tree stand without incident. The accused was charged with Larceny 6th, Creating a public disturbance, Operating a motor vehicle while license is suspended, and operating an unregistered motor vehicle.

On 12/17/2017 while patrolling Black Pond State Boat Launch Officer Kiely observed a gray colored Toyota Corolla exiting from the parking area with the trunk not securely latched. He was unable to observe the registration plate due to the trunk being open. A motor vehicle stop was initiated and it was determined that the registered owner/operator had an active warrant out of Cheshire for Voyeurism/ Disorderly Conduct with a court set bond of $100,000. The accused was issued a written warning for obscured license plate and turned over to the Cheshire Police Department for processing on the warrant.
On 12/27/2017 Southwest Officers served an active PRAWN warrant on a male subject stemming from a disorderly conduct case that occurred on 7/8/2017. The accused failed to respond to an infraction issued on 7/8/2017 and a re-arrest warrant was signed out of Norwich Superior Court. The accused was arrested and processed at Meriden Police Department where he made bond. The accused was released with a court date of 1/10/2018 at Norwich Superior Court.

On the evening of 12/20/17 Southwest officers were dispatched to assist in searching for a missing autistic male in the area of Bennett's Pond State Park and Wooster Mountain State Park at the request of the Danbury Police Department. The male was located that evening unharmed but in need of medical attention for cold weather exposure. During the search a Connecticut State Police K-9 accidentally got away from his handler and could not be located. From that evening until 12/22/17 Western District EnCon officers and supervisors along with numerous local, state, and federal agencies assisted in searching for the missing K-9. Officers were deployed on foot and ATV. The missing CSP K-9 was located unharmed in the Town of Ridgefield on the morning of 12/22/17.

During the month of December District K-9 officers participated in a public outreach event, responded to a search for a missing deaf female in Simsbury, responded to assist State Police with a car-jacking suspect, and assisted in the search for the missing State Police K9.

Captain Keith Williams
Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection
Connecticut State Environmental Conservation Police