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Thread: Looking for pigeons in southwest CT

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    Looking for pigeons in southwest CT

    I need to get my young dog on birds. Looking for pigeons for sale or homers to rent (can't keep them on my property). Anyone know who might have pigeons on SW CT?

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    We used to catch them at night under railroad bridges. Using long "pool nets". I'm not sure on the legal laws of it but it was fun doing it.

    We also used havaheart traps on top of buildings using bird food. We would leave the cage closed for a few days with food all around it so they would get used to the cage. They got smart after catching a few of them.

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    A very good Friend of mine owns and operates steadfast farms out of Bethlehem CT. He raises and sells pigeons, grouse, pheasant, cukkar, etc. He's a hell of a guy and works his butt off to take proper care of these things. Google steadfast farms LLC, it's a starting point for you of luck

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    Nbarnych: Thanks so much! Checked out Steadfast Farms today and am now onto pigeons. Great couple of.guys running the business, and contributing part of their sales to Vet causes. Bird hunters in Western Connecticut should check them out!

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    There is also the Stamford Racing Pigeon Club.
    Yah I know what your thinking, but believe me it worth a call. I was a member 20 years ago, and would not have had a problem getting rid of lazy birds.

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