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Thread: Call Suggestions and Where

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    Call Suggestions and Where

    So, after doing some reading my question is within Connecticut what are the major things to look for to identify a strong chance of spotting a coyote. I have been doing some scouting and seeing some general sign, however nothing consistent. Am I missing something? Or are they fairly nomadic, and they leave an area quickly? I also wanted to see if anyone has a used a particular call that they would recommend. I am trying to get more into coyote hunting and although I am new too hunting I do appreciate the summer opportunity to get out into the woods. Another basic question is when looking at some of the maps online for public land it seems really odd in how the parcels are shaped is there a way to ensure I dont accidentally venture into places I shouldnt be? Thanks in advance!

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    I plan to bait coyotes. I know they are in my hunting area.
    Yes, its legal.

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    Iíve only been specifically coyote hunting myself just a couple times. Iím sure S2H or someone else with heavy coyote hunting experience will chime in soon. When I went with a couple buds we used a Fox Pro caller with a distressed fawn sound in the middle of the field and shot two coyotes within ten minutes. We had an advantage though as we knew from experience where there was an active den - or at least the general direction of the den off the corner of the field. The more time you spend out there the more youíll learn, too. We only knew there were coyotes consistently off this field because we had seen them during turkey season. So always keep the eyes and mind open when youíre out there. They may be somewhere completely opposite of where you think. And the more time you spend in the field the more knowledge youíll gain. Perhaps youíll even see the dogs while scouting. As with anything, just keep an eye out for the positive sign - look for the tracks, the droppings, old coyote kills, etc. Sounds like youíre already doing that. If there is fresh sign, there is a dog around. Think about food sources as well. Is there a field with mice and voles in the area? Could the coyotes be pacing a hedgerow waiting for cottontails to zip around? Perhaps theyíre finding scraps on the backside of a dump or maybe theyíre patterned to a circuit and only make their way through an area every few days based on constantly changing food source. Lots to think about. Itíll all connect for you if you are persistent. Donít discount excellent camo and the wind direction either.

    I forgot to say - to ensure youíre not venturing into private land or plots where youíre not supposed to be - Use either your phone to always have the state maps available to look at or print them out to have a hard copy in hand. Then if youíre really unsure, print off town parcel maps to help yourself get a better mental picture of the area and interpolate between the two. State land is generally very well marked. Private land is sometimes but not always. It really helps to have a map app on your phone that has a measuring tool and can show your exact location. There are a lot of hunting specific map apps as well that show property boundaries and parcel data. Iím not sure how trust worthy they are - take my property for example. Those apps still show the property boundaries from the late 1970s. Itís since changed when the neighbor bought off some acres from the people I bought the land and house from a few years ago...
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    The most commonly used call is some sort of rabbit distress. Any closed reed cottontail distress call will get you in the game, and they're relatively easy to blow. Woodsman pretty much hit the rest. Don't get too caught up in watching the predator hunting shows of the mid-west and west. In my limited experience, it's very rare to get a coyote out here to commit into the wide open.

    And don't give up...I think I went 25 or 26 stands last year without seeing a coyote. All it takes is that one to get you hooked.

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    As always, thank you to all of you guys.

    I was hoping to avoid the map apps, because I do print them out currently but ones with some odd borders make it hard for me to kind of orient myself. As a result I limit my territory to make sure I am super far from the borders for safety sake. This however, becomes very limiting at times.

    Thank you for the call information, I have a couple different ones on order now to get some practice and hopefully hit the field soon.

    Thanks again guys!

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    I tired out the app "onX" (7 days free) and decided it was worth it for the same reasons you post. Used it at two state parcels with good results, it's a really good product, you get web based access that synchs to what you have/did on your phone so you can review at home.

    Not cheap at $30/year, use discount code NWTF to save 20%.



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