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Thread: Canon Cameras - T3i and XTi - With Lenses, Equipment & Bag

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    Canon Cameras - T3i and XTi - With Lenses, Equipment & Bag

    Also selling my two Canon DSLR cameras. Don't use them at all anymore. I know camera tech is always changing and improving but these could both be great backup cameras for someone or a good option for a beginner. Both cameras are in excellent condition. The older XTi traveled the world with me. It's seen many European countries, it almost died with me when I backpacked Jamaica after college, it's seen many national parks here at home. It's got the miles on it... I bought that camera when I was in high school. The T3i was a very nice gift a few years ago and I used it to take maybe 20 pictures since. Haven't touched it in a couple years. The lenses have all been stored in their protective bags and then within the padded backpack. All are in excellent condition. All have appropriately sized screw-on glass lens filters and all have their front and end caps. The hoods, filters and protective bags are all small things that add up when buying separately. I'd like to sell the entire lot as one but am willing to break it up if there is any interest. Asking $1000 for the lot and am also open to offers.
    PM me or ask questions here.

    Included in the lot:

    1 Canon XTi Digital SLR camera
    1 Canon T3i Digital SLR camera - Asking $300 if parted out
    (4 Lenses for sale - All the hoods and slot bags are Canon)
    1 Canon EF-S 18-55 mm (standard lens that comes with most Canon SLRs) with filter and protective slot bag
    1 Canon EF-S 60 mm with hood, filter and protective slot bag - Asking $250 if parted out.
    1 Canon 28-135 mm with hood, filter and protective slot bag- This is the best lens I have. $480 new from Canon. Asking $300 if parted out
    1 Canon 75-300 mm with hood, filter and protective slot bag
    1 Handheld remote control
    1 Battery and battery charger for the T3i
    2 Batteries and one charger for the XTi
    1 Tamrac camera bag with adjustable slots and a back pocket for computer
    Various cables for viewing pictures on a TV or computer
    User manuals for both cameras and the 60 mm lens

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