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Thread: Meade LX90 Telescope & Equipment

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    Meade LX90 Telescope & Equipment

    Hi All - Thought I'd post this here.

    When my Grandpa passed away I was given his telescope - a Meade LX90. The only time I ever used it was back during college when I was taking an astronomy course. I remember zeroing in on the Andromeda galaxy and a couple star clusters and I thought that was the coolest thing ever - I'm not particularly tech savy... It's since sat unused and untouched but has been properly cared for and stored. Rather than it just sit unused, I'd like to see it go to someone who can get some use and enjoyment out of it. All together it's roughly $3000 worth of equipment and gear but I am open to all offers. If interested send me a PM. Any questions, ask here.

    For sale as a package:

    1 Meade LX90 Telescope body - Glass is clean and in 100% perfect condition. The main body has been covered on both ends to keep dust off the glass and it's been kept in a JMI indestructible hard case.
    1 JMI Hard case with interior foam cushioning
    1 Meade metal tripod - Specifically made for the LX90
    1 JMI Tripod Carry Case - Soft case with padding
    1 View Scope
    1 Eyepiece mount - Glass is clean and in perfect condition
    1 LNT Module with handheld control
    1 Meade Series 4000 Hard Case with 6 eyepieces, multiple color filters, etc.
    1 Deep Sky Imager Camera with AutoStar Suite Software
    1 Ultra long power unit cord (The scope can operate on batteries as well)
    1 National Audubon Society Night Sky Book

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    Very nice scope!
    What size LX90 is it? Looks like maybe a 10", I couldn't read the label on the scope. LX90 scope sizes vary from I think 8'' up to 12" or more, they also keep their value...

    I have and use Celestron scopes and lenses myself and have an 8" refractor and a 12" Newtonian (front of scope open and mirror in bottom of scope) as well as having all the bells and whistles; high power lenses, colored filters as well as a sun viewing lens for viewing sunspots and the occasional large flare burst.

    I'm sure yours can clearly see craters inside of craters on the moon and maybe even the American flag up there!

    You also have it on Craigslist? I was getting rid of a Coronado solar telescope a couple years ago, really a high end scope; after about 6 months of renewing the ad it sold. You may not get many hits on the scope at all but when you do, you'll end up selling it fast.
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