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Thread: Sea Duck Hunting Advice

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    Sea Duck Hunting Advice

    I haven't posted on here in a while and I'm looking for some advice.
    I hunt puddle ducks a lot and have that figured out pretty good.

    I bought a sea duck hunting boat from a guy over the summer because he wasn't able to hunt anymore.
    The boat is 17.5 ft and built like a tank, and is camouflage with a home made blind on it.
    I have about 8 dozen sea duck/diver decoys (old, but working).

    I've gotten the boat out a few times when it was safe conditions, but haven't had much luck, we shot a few buffleheads and an old squaw.
    When I scouted I was seeing hundreds of birds, but when we hunted they all seemed a mile away.

    Any advice at all is appreciated, how to set up decoys, how far out to hunt, what species of decoys to use, really anything would be great.
    Thanks to anyone who replies.

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    Sea duck hunting isnít like puddle duck hunting. Donít find a spot and hope they come in. Drive around till you find them and setup right where they are. Iíve seen old squaw decoy to milk jugs so your decoys will be fine. Look on the lee sides of islands for bufflehead, Old squaw, goldeneye etc. and out in wide open ocean for all 3 scoter or bluebill.

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    Hello Phil,

    Weve been out a few times this year and shot bluebill, eider, scoter, buffies, squaw etc., find where the birds are the day before and take notes and remember tide wind etc and try to match up similar patterns. Also you dont need that many decoys depending where you are. We run a 10-15 decoys on 3-4 lines and thats it, so 3-5 dozen. We set our lines up at 20 yds 30 yds and 40yds from boat. Also your blind can make it or break it. Ive seen several times using a 2.5 ft high blind on the boat and birds flaring and staying 60yds out, yet put down the blind and sit low and dont move and birds continue to dump in 15 yds from boat. Sea ducking is challenging and alot of work. You have to try different things when ur out there, most of the time if you havent fired a shot in the first 30-45 mins, grab ur binoculars and find the birds, go push them up and set up exactly where you just pushed them and in a short amount of time theyll start coming back in. Good luck and be safe.



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