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Thread: The last hurrah!

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    The last hurrah!

    With only 3 more days of our goose season to go and the weather getting worse, figured this would be our last hurrah. Geese have been flying late with the below 0 and single digits temps. Planned a 9am set-up and settle in til they fly. All set up by 10 with SW wind and 13 degrees.The 1st flock locked in on the spread about 11 and seven fell. Almost an hour wait till a pair met their demise in the dekes. Then the skies opened up with birds. The last 3 fell from a good sized flock wanting to be in the spread. Shot into a bigger flock than we normally would to finish out, but we were done a little after noon. It's been a great year. And thanks's for sharing your stories and photos.
    We actually needed 3.

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    Awesome pics and videos guys! Way to get it done

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    Thanks, the subject is what we want, but the video could use some work. Not to easy to manage the geese, the dog, the hide, and video. Wanted to make sure they got the last birds and get out.

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    Good stuff. Congrats
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    Looks good. I haven't done much any goose hunting since November, was all deer for me this year. I am still hoping to get out once or twice before January 20th when it ends in the eastern zone but that's not happening this weekend.



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