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Thread: 12-30 Shore Hunt Part II

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    12-30 Shore Hunt Part II

    After the prior day's successful hunt, DU CT and I decided to go back and give it another try. Although he has been developing a cold I'm glad he got out for a hunt to celebrate a late birthday. As a present and partly because I'm tired of him wearing a Boise State t-shirt (I hate the blue field), I gave Tony a Mississippi State T-shirt (SEC all the way!) which he graciously decided to wear under his camo on the frigid cold and snowy day. I truly believe that t-shirt is what brought about the luck we would have that day. Due to the roads and normal obstacles in life, we weren't able to get into the water until 1:00, but we had already planned to stay until the end of legal. We pretty much had the same setup as the day before using around a dozen decoys or so. Once we got set up and still, a huge group of Brant decided to start swimming towards us. Tony informed me that we could legally take 2 each and it didn't count towards our duck bag limit. So once in range we called "take em" and we managed to plug our 4, quick and easy. Shortly after a black duck (hybrid) came by and DU smoked it and then a little while later I managed a drake mallard. While walking out to get the duck I hear Tony saying "geese get down". Sure enough a group of 5 came in, and an all out war broke out between Tony and those geese! I don't know why but all I could do was scream kill them Tony! Kill them all! Shot after shot (3 shots), I looked and geese were floating in the water. One goose took off and I don't have a clue if it was hit or just nervous but it landed immediately in the water again allowing Tony time to load one more shell and smash it! Five geese came in and zero left out. I still say it was 5 geese with 3 shots, but he did have to shoot that 4th shell to get the last one. I'm telling you this though... DU CT got a 1 man 5 goose limit in less than 10 seconds. True story! After that it was steady until the end of legal. We managed 3 more geese and hit another that we ended up finding close to the boat launch as we paddled out at dark. What luck I thought! All in all we finished with 9 Geese, 4 Brant, 2 Mallards, 2 Wigeon, 1 Black Duck (hybrid), and 1 Gadwall. The snow was steady pretty much the whole time we were there and without the sun shining it was as cold as a well digger's ass, but great times nonetheless.

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