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Thread: 12.29 Shore Hunt

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    12.29 Shore Hunt

    Decided to head to the shore Friday to meet up with Du Ct and Alex for a hunt in the freezing cold. Unfortunately Du Ct wasn't able to make it so it was just me and Alex. I will admit I was scared to death seeing that I've not waterfowl hunted much at all and the temperatures were crazy low. The idea of kayaking in ice water was unnerving. Anyways, I mustered up the courage and made the trip. Luckily the paddle wasn't that long and the water was shallow allowing the decoy setup to be relatively easy besides the stinky shore muck you have to walk through. I guess everything around was frozen solid except the shore because birds were flying around everywhere. We had out about 6-8 mallards and several black duck decoys and the birds seemed to like that. Not long after sitting a pair of mallards came in and we managed to drop two. It was weird because a lot of bigger groups were flying around but the only groups that came to our decoys were small groups of singles and doubles. After those first two kills ducks kept coming in at a good pace. All in all we managed to get a a two man limit consisting of 4 mallards each (some hybrid black ducks) and 2 wigeon each. We got set up at about 11:30 and ended around 3:15 with 12 birds. With clear sky's and the sun beaming down, I have to say I never got cold. I don't even think I used my thick jacket. What a great experience on the shore!

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    Love those pics! Congrats man. Hope to get down there next weekend... if itís not frozen in!
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    Nice harvest! I have been considering getting a duck boat. Lost my land I had a blind on. This is good encouragement.

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