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Thread: Deer sightings, harvests, etc.

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    Deer sightings, harvests, etc.

    Are any of you keeping track of your sightings/hours, etc for the season(s)? In stand/blind only, not incl. any bumped on way in/out.

    Last year all my spots produced only 6 buck sightings from Sept 15 - Dec. 31. I thought it was a fluke. This season (with four days to go), I've only seen four bucks the entire season. I know they're around because I see them on the neighbor's food plot, and in yards locally.
    I've seen 22 does/fawns (9 of those this last week) with a bow in hand (approx. 100 hrs). I hunted out of at least 16 different trees/blinds over the course of the year, 3 properties of 150, 55 and 20 acres ~ In Killingly, Putnam and Woodstock respectively. I don't think I hunted one stand more than once during any one week. Acorns were non existent and nothing but browse for them in the woods.

    I managed an 8 pt with rifle and a YOY doe with ML, missed two does in early Oct., one under, one over, with longbow.

    I saw less than a doz. turkeys all season (6 yesterday). For the first time ever, I didn't see at least one of the following; coyote, fox, coon, fisher. Very few squirrels/rodents, which follows the acorn drought. I certainly hope next year there are acorns, just not in the amounts of the last two years.

    How did you fair?
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    I really should keep track like you, but im afraid it will be too depressing.

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    As usual I always keep a detailed journal of my season. Hours on stand and deer seen from stand only.

    38 days hunted, 60 sits, 176.5 hours, saw 49 deer, and killed 3.

    I saw 17 bucks, saw one deer for every 3.6 hours hunted, my average sit time was only 2.94 hours.

    I pulled the trigger three times, killed two 1.5 year old does with the bow, and a 9 point with the muzzleloader. Haven't been out since the 12/9, I want to do one more sit this weekend but wont shoot anything unless it it a really big one.

    Most of the deer I saw this season were within bow range, and I got a lot of decent video footage of various deer which is always fun. Very good season overall for me.

    I hunted three private pieces, and three state land pieces this year. All NW corner. At least 20 different stand set ups. I spent the whole second half of the season on the two private pieces specifically hunting the two big bucks. I only got out about 2/3 of the time I normally spend out there because we had a baby in the spring. I think it helped, because I put less pressure on the deer where I was hunting. Had very scarce acorn crop, but good fruit tree production. I hope this winter isn't too hard on the deer. I may consider not shed hunting and not doing too much scouting just to keep the pressure down on them. I'll probably do some coyote hunting.

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    Im going to start a journal next year. This year i spent the most amount of time hunting as i ever did. I think it hurt me in September with the wicked hot temperatures. I believe i saw approximately 80 plus deer from stand with 3 sits of 8-10. I shot 3 mature lone doe ( 2 bow and one ml) missed a nice 8 with rifle believe it or not. he was chasing a doe and i couldn't get him to stop and took a running shot at him. I also saw a beauty very large 6 or 7 on veterans day with a doe during bow season. I always feel it was a good season if i have plenty of meat and if i pass on numerous deer which i did. My daughter scored on i nice young buck for the second year so its been a great season. Next year my son will be in the game as well so the pressure will be on.
    As usual you see many other great things during the season. Had 2 coyotes slip by me during bow season, the most amount of bobcats i have ever seen, and had a 280lb-300lb bear at about 8 yards.

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    After a few years off from deer hunting I got back into the game again this year once November rolled in. I hit my hill on foot 5 times. First time out I shot that mature 6 pointer. Second time out I saw a doe but it was off property and it caught my scent anyways. Third time found some fresh sign but saw nothing. Fourth time out I could have taken any one of three doe that were below me on a steep hill but I held off. Fifth time out was in the fresh snow. Followed a set of fresh tracks until I accidentally bumped up a mature 6 or 8 pointer from his bed under a hemlock at about 30 yards. No shot opportunity on him. I followed him a bit more until I picked up another set of fresh tracks and decided to wait under a stand of hemlocks for a deer to double back on my trail. Legal off came with no other sightings. The highlight this year for
    me was two cow moose. I let a good friend hunt back on the hill. Hes a still hunter as well. He made it up five times and had a couple days with buck action but no shots. One of the days as he was walking out about an hour before end of legal he turned around and saw The Hartford Buck silently slip by behind him. Anyways, the last time he was up he sent me an excited text to get up on the hill to meet him. At first I thought hed shot a deer and wed be dragging out but as I was walking up the hill he sends another text that he was 30 yards from a pair of cow moose. He saw a dark brown coat and thought it was a dark buck at first, no shot, but then realized it was a pair of moose. They got his scent and moved out so by the time I met up with him they were out of sight. We followed their tracks for a while until they eventually went off property. I never saw them myself but we heard them blowing not too far off. That sure was an experience.

    I admire all you that put so much into your deer seasons. The dedication and passion is so motivating. The success stories this year were great.
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    I keep a journal and this year has been super easy - zero sighted so far! Still time so I'm hoping for at least one in bow range. If all goes as planned I'll be doing some spring work to make my property more attractive. Plan on planting some evergreens and plant/relocate some maple leaf viburnum to a better spot for it. I'll play with food plot again. Oh.. I'll be checking the hickory nuts I've got getting cold stratified. Got some smallish trees I want to hinge cut as well.

    So I guess I have a to do list as well as a journal.

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    When I look back of all the hunting adventures Ive had since I was 12 I really wish I had kept a journal. I remember working in a small accounting firm in Mississippi years ago and one of the semi retired partners that was in his 80s brought his Journal and showed me some of his quail logs from the 50s. He was easily limiting each outing. I thought that was crazy because due to the fire ants and people planting trees in fields the quail population was almost decimated in Mississippi.

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