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Thread: November 2017 Highlights

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    November 2017 Highlights

    CT State EnConPolice
    East DistrictHighlights
    November 2017
    On 11/25/17,a complaint of a jeep and a ground fire well into Bishop Swamp WMA on theAndover / Hebron line was received and investigated by Officer Reilly. Officer Reilly found the vehicle unlockedwith personal items in it, the ground fire out, and could not locate the 23year old male owner on scene or at his nearby house.Further information indicated the subjectcould be despondent.Officer Reillybegan a track with K9 Hunter, while Officers Pettus, Wojcik and Sergeant Dwyerresponded to assist.The subject wassafely located at a nearby friendís house a short time later, was determined tobe in good health, and was ticketed for trespass on the management area.
    EasternDistrict Officers J. Williams, Tavares and Sergeant Kane responded on November24, 2017 to Pachaug State Forest / Denison Hill Road, Voluntown for a complaintof someone shooting too close to an occupied home, spraying it withbirdshot. Upon investigation, the 75year old male pheasant hunter was identified and questioned, and admitted toshooting toward a barn and home, and being confronted by the complainant.It was later determined that he had beenwithin 350 feet of the occupied buildings; he was arrested for the huntingsafety violation.
    On November2, 2017, Officer Vroman responded to a complaint of illegal hunting on stateproperty in Putnam, which was posted against trespass. Upon making contact with the 23 year old male,the subject stated he had permission to hunt an adjacent property but could notproduce any written permission; he was arrested for bow hunting without writtenpermission and criminal trespass, third degree.
    On theopening day of the firearms deer season, 11/15/17, Officer Landry received acomplaint of illegal hunting on private property in Glastonbury adjacent toMeshomasic State Forest, where the owner of said property did not give huntingpermission. The trespassing suspect waslocated on state forest property, admitted to crossing private property to accessstate forest, and received a warning for the violation.Meanwhile, Officer Landry saw another hunterfrom the same group as the trespasser dragging a deer out of state forest property.After checking, he was found without completingany deer kill tag nor any blank tags on his person.The 26 year old male received a summons forthe violation.
    OfficerVroman received information on 11/15/17 from Sergeant Dwyer that aMassachusetts resident was found bow hunting on private property in Scotlandwhere he did not have permission. Thesubject was found to have permission for an adjacent area, but had his treestand on the property of the complainant.The 69 year old male was cited for the hunting and trespass violationsand released on a cash bond for a later court appearance.
    Also on11/15/17, Officer Wojcik found a male on private property in East Haddam firearmshunting without any required fluorescent orange clothing. The 51 year old male also could not produceany written permission to hunt the property, but stated his friend was alsohunting the same property.The otherhunter was located, and was in full compliance to hunt the property; it wasdetermined the first male did have permission to hunt the area but was citedfor failure to wear the required orange clothing.
    Public Outreach Events
    On November13th, Officers Bouthillier and Flockhart attended the UConn CareerDay event on the Storrs campus, and interacted with numerous students regardingthe EnCon Police program.Also on11/13/17, Captain Lundin gave a presentation on the duties of EnCon Policeofficers to members of the US Power Squadron chapter in Stamford.
    Monday,November 20, 2017, the loss of EnCon Police Officer James Spignesi in the lineof duty on 11/20/1998 was marked by the EnCon Police Divisionís annualgraveside memorial gathering in West Hartford of family, friends, officers,retirees, and other DEEP employees and managers. The Divisionís Honor Guard was present toassist with the presentation of a wreath in Jimís honor, and comments were madeby Tom Spignesi, Colonel Overturf. Bureau Chief Lambert, and DeputyCommissioner Whalen.

    CT State EnConPolice
    Marine District Highlights
    November 2017
    On November1, 2017 Officer Bruno and Sergeant Stanko responded to a report of a vesselstriking the Mystic River Swing Bridge in Mystic. Upon arrival they were met by the US CoastGuard and the owner/operator of the involved vessel, a 40í Catalina.Officer Bruno interviewed the operator of thesailing vessel who related among other things that he was about 90-95% throughthe south channel passing through the railroad bridge when it began to closewithout any signal warnings.Theoperator also related he sounded his horn just prior to the collision.The involved vesselís rigging ultimately gotcaught in the bridge and the vessel became stuck in the channel, which delayedthe train schedule.The operator thencontacted the bridge attendant via radio transmission.At which time Amtrack personnel were able tofree the vessel from the bridge.SergeantStanko was able to interview the bridge operator who related that an unrelatedvessel had hailed on channel 13 requesting a bridge opening approximately 15minutes prior to the incident and had passed through along with a second vesselwithout incident.The bridge operatoralso related that at least 10 minutes passed with zero communication before hesounded the required 5 short blasts signaling the bridge would be closing. The investigation concluded that the bridgeoperator complied with all safety measures prior to closing the bridge and thatthe vessel operator failed to hail the bridge operator and tried to sneakthrough.The operator was issued awritten warning for Violation of Rules for Preventing Collisions.Total damages to the involved vessel wereapproximately $80,000.There was nodamage to the bridge.

    On 11/7/2017Sergeant Stone was patrolling Ash Creek in Fairfield and noticed an individualtaking oysters. Ash creek is a closedshell fishing area due to pollution.Intotal, the individual illegally took 300 oysters.The individual was issued an infraction forthe violation and the oysters were returned to Ash Creek.
    On11/16/2017 Officer Hey responded to a complaint from a fisherman in the lowerHousatonic River in Stratford at 10:00 PM of two individuals taking multipleshort striped bass. The complainant had calledEnCon Police dispatch several times throughout the night updating the situationand stayed on scene until Officer Hey arrived.Officer Hey watched and observed each individual catch several short/undersized striped bass and bring them to a nearby vehicle.Officer Hey then approached both individualsand saw that each had in their possession 6 illegal striped bass for a total of12 fish.Each accused was issued aMisdemeanor Summons for 6 counts each of illegal possession of short stripedbass with a court set date in December.

    On11/29/2017 Officer Tefft was checking commercial fishing vessels offloadingtheir catch at the New London docks. Upon checking one of the commercial vessels, Officer Tefft noticed anoverabundance of fluke.The captain ofsaid vessel stated that he was under the impression the new quota for fluke wasestablished and effective.Officer Tefftexplained the new quota for fluke begins December 1st, 2017.On this date the vessel was over by 35lbs.Officer Tefft issued the captain awritten warning for the violation and seized the fish.The fish were brought to the commercialdealer where they were purchased by said dealer.This allows the fish to enter the market andnot go to waste.

    On 11/23/17Sergeant Chemacki along with Officer OíBrien were patrolling the town ofMadison and saw an individual hunting with archery equipment over bait on townown land adjacent to state owned property. Upon checking the individual for compliance it was found that he wasalso in possession of a pistol.Huntingis not allowed on town land in Madison.Baiting is allowed in zone 10 however baiting is only allowed on privateproperty, not town or state owned land.Archery hunting while in possession of a handgun is alsoprohibited.
    Also on11/23/2017 Officer Blackwell located two hunters field dressing a deer they hadharvested on private property in the town of Stonington. Upon checking for compliance it wasdetermined that it had been over one half hour since they recovered the deer,the individual who shot the deer failed to immediately fill out and complete hisharvest tag.It is required to fill outthe harvest tag immediately upon kill.The accused did have the appropriate tag and writing implement on handand per Officer Blackwellís direction filled it out immediately.The accused was issued a written warning forthe violation.

    CT StateEnCon Police
    WestDistrict Highlights


    On 11/13/17 Officer Buonocore located amale in the tree seat between two corn piles in the Paugussett State Forest. On9/9/17 Southwest officers had received an anonymous complainant of a tree seatthat was baited with several piles of corn in the Paugussett State Forest. Thetree seat was checked on several occasions prior. On 11/13/17 Officer Buonocorelocated a male, who was in possession of a loaded crossbow seated between thetwo corn piles. He originally denied pouring the corn piles and said someoneelse must have been hunting from his tree seat. Through further investigation,it was discovered that he was in possession of a bag of bait corn in his backpack,after which he admitted to pouring the two corn piles. The accused was issued aMisdemeanor Summons for Illegally Hunting for Deer over Bait.
    On 11/4/17 Officer Chickos and Officer Flockhart responded to CalhounStreet in Washington in response to a deer that was found lying in the frontyard with a cross bow bolt through it. After speaking to nearby residents itwas determined there was no hunting allowed on their respective properties.While walking one of the properties (where there is no hunting allowed) OfficerChickos located two tree stands. On 11/11/17 Officer Norton was patrolling thesame piece of private property where he then located an individual sitting inone of the two tree stands. Officer Norton identified himself and then signaledfor the individual to come down from the stand. Upon asking the individual toproduce his permission to hunt and valid hunting license, the male stated thatit was at his vehicle which was parked on a neighboring property. OfficerNorton proceeded to investigate which resulted in the individual leading him towhere his trail / game camera was placed. While walking to the location of thetrail camera, Officer Norton noticed a large bait pile placed on the ground. Furtherinvestigation found that the individual did not have a valid Archery HuntingLicense, Archery Deer Tags, nor did he have written consent to be hunting theproperty. The individual was issued andexplained a Misdemeanor Summons for Hunting Over Bait, Illegal Bow HuntingWithout Permit, and Hunting Deer Without Written Permission. He was scheduledfor a November court date.

    On 11/15/17 OfficerFlockhart was conducting a foot patrol of private property adjacent to landpreserve property that is historically known for poaching in the town ofKent. While doing so, she located an individual with a rifle, wearingfull camouflage clothing with no visible safety orange on the property whichwas clearly posted "No Trespassing". The individual wassubsequently arrested for Illegal Deer Hunting, Hunting w/o WrittenPermission, and Failure to Wear Fluorescent Orange.

    On 11/18/17 OfficerHeath was conducting an investigative check of a wooded area located in thetown of Hartland due to a recent complaint of possible illegal hunting. Uponchecking this area, he located a large wooded elevated hunting blind, and aladder stand affixed to a nearby tree. A further check of the area resulted inlocating a large plastic deer feeder filled with corn, connected to a treeapproximately 15 yards in front of the blind. Officer Heath returned later inthe evening and found a male party dressed in full camouflage wearing no safetyorange clothing hunting with a rifle. The male was subsequently escorted out ofthe woods and issued a Misdemeanor Summons for: Hunting without 400"square inches of Orange, Hunting with a Rifle on less than 10 acres of land, andHunting over Bait.

    On 11/20/17 OfficerJohnston was on routine patrol in the town of Middlebury when he located a malewho had just shot a whitetail deer. A compliance check of the harvest resultedin Officer Johnston determining that the male did not have written permissionto hunt that property. The 6 point buck deer was seized as evidence and themale was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for Failure to Have WrittenPermission while Deer Hunting on Private Land. The accused is scheduled toappear on December 5th at GA-4 in Waterbury. The deer was allowed to be donatedto the Hunt To Feed Charity.

    On 11/23/17 OfficerFlockhart was conducting a foot patrol check of private property in the town ofSharon where an illegal tree stand had been previously located. At the sametime Officer Chickos and Sergeant Begley were checking a nearby/adjacent propertyin the area. Officer Flockhart encountered an individual hunting with a rifle,in full camouflage clothing with no visible safety orange on the noted privateproperty where no hunting is permitted. The individual was subsequentlyarrested for Hunting on Private Land without Written Permission and Failure toWear Fluorescent Orange.


    On 11/19/17 Officer Mihalyak served anarrest warrant from an investigation which began in October. On 10/14/17Southwest officers responded to the Naugatuck River in Seymour, after SeymourPolice contacted DEEP dispatch regarding an individual being struck by a pelletin the left arm while standing on his property. Officers located andinterviewed a male hunting on the river in the vicinity of the scene. Theoriginal complainant was no longer at his residence and officers were unable tomake contact at that time. Aftercompleting the investigation Officer Mihalyak submitted an arrest warrant forthe accused waterfowl hunter responsible for the shot that injured the victim.The warrant was signed and was served at CSPBarracks Troop A, Southbury. The accused was charged with Violation of WildGame Hunting Regulations- No hunting weapon shall be discharged towards aperson, building or domestic animal when it is within range.
    On 11/30/17Sergeant Buckley and Officer Johnston were checking pheasant hunters at theSeymour Permit Required Area in the town of Oxford. While doing so they locateda male hunting with a loaded shotgun within 500 feet of a building. The hunterwas not wearing 400 square inches of safety orange as required. He wasissued a Misdemeanor Summons with a court set date of November 13that GA-5 in Derby for the charges of Failure to Wear 400 Square Inches ofOrange and Firearms Hunting within 500 Feet of a Building.


    On the eveningof 11/3/17 Officer Johnston was on patrol within George C. Waldo StatePark in the town of Southbury when he encountered a parked occupiedvehicle. Upon approaching the vehicle he noticed a glass crack pipe inplain view. The occupant was removed from the vehicle and secured pendingthe investigation. Officer Kiely later responded for back-up to assist in thesearch. The search of the vehicle resulted in drug paraphernalia and 8 waxpaper folds of Heroin. The suspect was arrested and transported to Troop Awhere he was processed and released on a $5000 surety bond. A court set date ofNovember 16th at GA-4 Waterbury was issued for the charges of Hours ofOperation, Possession of Narcotics and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.


    Duringthe month of November District K-9 officers conducted public outreach events andresponded to two calls for assistance for illegal deer hunting investigations.They also responded to two calls for assistance from the State Police, one fora lost hiker and the other for a suspect track following an evading motorvehicle accident.

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    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

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    What happens to the guy carrying a pistol while bow hunting?

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    He's going to court.



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