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Thread: 12/10 RI Salt Marsh Hunt

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    12/10 RI Salt Marsh Hunt

    So the unknown guys headed to RI as we do every year. We left Saturday at around 12:30. Roads were horrible, especially RT2!!! Like an ice rink. We made it to RI and started out rounds to some local spots that we know. Snow falling, wind blowing, geese in almost ever cornfield we went past. We scouted a spot to find maybe 50-60 mallards and with high hopes we decided this was going to be our spot for the am. Alarms went off at 4 am rolled around we headed out we were setup and ready a good hour before legal. An 6am hit and the birds were flying. We watched multiple groups fly over and keep goin. Legal comes around and we had a pair of ducks come in and we dropped a hen. After that pure birds everywhere, geese, ducks you name it it was flying! We had a good day and some good laughs. As were picking up like always we had a group of 7 drake pintails fully cupped and coming in, not a gun in either of our hands as we watched in awe. What a great time in the salt marsh of a neighboring state! 3 drake mallards 4 hen mallards and 1 hen gadwall. Overall a good day for blue bird skies.

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    Sounds like a great trip with some solid shooting. Congrats! Awesome about the pins
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    Great looking ducks guys. Keep at it!

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    Thanks guys. Well be back at it again next week!

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    Good job. What part of RI?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TooManyHobbies View Post
    Good job. What part of RI?


    We hunt the western side primarily of R.I.



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