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Thread: Train track heartbreak

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    Train track heartbreak

    Went out to a new state spot today with the muzzleloader for a quick before work hunt.

    I wasnít dressed warm enough and made it to 7:30 (from 5:30) before having to move around a little. With the wind in my face I explored a little bit. Keeping an eye on boundaries on my phone I noticed a pond that could be a good early duck spot and eased up some train tracks to take a look. As I was headed back to the woods movement caught my eye and nice rack came up the opposite side the tracks about 40-50yds away. He stood dead center in the tracks, broadside, slight quarter to, looked both ways and proceeded into the woods. I didnít have a shot after he came off the tracks but he was a nice wide 8 or 10. Right on his heels was a basket 6.

    I was certain the tracks were off limits (confirmed after with DEEP) but man what a rush. First mature deer Iíve seen while hunting and was so unexpected.

    Tried to get back in the woodline and hoped the bleat can could call him out of the thick laurel he went into but no luck.

    Iíll be back tomorrow and hopefully be positioned for a legal shot.

    For the record, even if the tracks are included in the state map, they are off limits (especially active ones)

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    Bummer. A couple years back i was accessing the property i hunt when i found myself face to face with the biggest mature buck ive still ever seen. Literally 10 feet away. My bow was strapped to my back. Go figure. Thats how it goes. I never saw him again. Good luck getting him.

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    Good luck on getting that buck!



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