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Thread: Waterfowl chokes

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    Waterfowl chokes

    Looking at getting an extended choke after seeing a guy fold a goose at 50-60 yards and talking with him after he swore by the pattern master.

    Was wondering what other people have experience with and think is worth the extra dough. Still was skeptical of the shot but the result is worth checking out the patterning and how it works at the range.


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    I've run a Foiles Strait Heat out of my 870 for five years now and it's never let me down. I've used it for geese and ducks with no complaints and it's put down well over it's fair share of pigeons and crows. I think I got it for around $40 five or six years ago. Actually the choke is probably worth more than my workhorses 870 itself, the ol' reliable pump. With the extendeds you have to be careful in some locations. If you expect close shots over decoys or it's a tight spot, that choke nearly becomes a rifle.
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    I sucked it up and paid $80 for a patternmaster. I have noticed a difference this season. Itís not that Iím hitting more birds, but everything I hit is folding up dead. I think in reality it isnít tightening the pattern but shortening up the shot string, putting more pellets on the birds.

    in the brief experience Iíve had with it, I would definitely suggest it over factory chokes.

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    graves nailed it with the patternmaster. More shot on target. Love mine and the guys are usually giving me a hard time when they see a long distance bird. I know guys that use the carlson extended chokes and are happy with them. The key is stay within your effective range and use good ammo.
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