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Thread: 11/25 - Quiet Swamp & Black Ducks

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    11/25 - Quiet Swamp & Black Ducks

    Man did it feel good to be sitting in the swamp this morning after a hectic week. Between work and holiday travel and out of town family harassing me about hunting, sitting in the cold air watching the sun rise was a much needed moment of peace and quiet. I was hard pressed to find any ducks on a scout yesterday morning that took me over 65 miles round trip, checking all our private permissions and some spots on the rivers. With all the backwater frozen up I thought for sure the rivers would be holding birds. Nothing to be seen except a single red breasted merganser. Duck times are tough in NW CT. Our goose fields are birdless, outside of crows. Would love to see another push of Canadas this year. Anyways, DU CT found a group of five black ducks and some mallards on his early morning scout yesterday so with that being our best bet, we set a game plan and got in to that spot at 5:30 this morning. Both of us had to be done by 7 o'clock or so, so it was a simple spread of 6 decoys and motion rippler off to our right as we covered an open hole in the thin ice. Ten minutes before legal a pair of wood ducks kicked out from our south and flew off to the horizon. Shortly before that a group of five geese surprised us, flying low and overhead. Perhaps they were kicked out of another spot by someone else. Legal light came on and all was quiet except a few crows and some doves zipping by. Pretty slow morning for fowl given that there are few birds around but right about when it was time to pack it in, a pair of ducks comes into view on the tree line across the swamp. They gave our spread a look and then turned south and flew off a ways. Let out one short hail on the call and the birds, now clear across the swamp, turned back our direction. They came closer and closer. Everything was looking good. With the brightening sky behind them I could see the landing gear come out. Then their wings set. It was a committed to memory moment watching those birds come into our small spread. Just about one of my favorite sights in the world. But these birds just looked so picture perfect tipping and curving in. They got to about two feet off the water and three shots brought both birds down at about 25 yards from us. Recovered the birds and picked up the decoys and walked out to the truck not but 10 minutes later. It was a pair of black ducks, a drake and hen, and undoubtedly the largest drake black duck I've ever shot. Beautiful late November birds. I would have been so happy even if this mornings hunt produced no ducks. But having this pair come in at the last minute sure was a nice way to close it out. Anyone else make it out at all this week?
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    Nice birds. I got out on the river and didn't fire a shot off all day. Saw a small flock buzz up the opposite bank and some geese that were flying high. Did have about two dozen swans come over me throughout the morning but that was all. Had the dog out with me for her first duck trip, she managed to bring in one of my decoys as I was setting up haha but otherwise it was a very quiet morning. Glad somebody had some luck!

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    That's a nice pair of blackies nice job. Always nice to pull birds with some calling and a small spread. I've been shooting more of them this year than mallards it seems.

    It's not too much better out here in NE CT for ducks. Scouting trips are turning out pretty fruitless. The exception would be geese. We've been doing decent with geese with a 2 man limit last Saturday and a pair yesterday. This morning had geese in huge numbers hitting surrounding fields. Not much for ducks on the river but others were getting into them a bit. Ended up mopping up someone's cripples on the way out as a flock of woodies busted from the bend with the last bird low and struggling. Tracked him to the bend and after dispatching him saw a hen green wing swim out from under the bank. Not a glorious way to take a few but better then them starving with broken wings.

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    Nice birds! Way to get it done!

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