CT State EnConPolice
Marine District Highlights
September 2017
Park & Forest
On 09/01/17Sergeant Chemacki and Officer Curran responded to Rocky Neck State Park for areport of an active domestic dispute between a male and female. The malesuspect had been drinking alcohol and an altercation had unfolded on the beach.An argument occurred between the two relating to the female not wanting the maleto live with her anymore. The male became violent and broke the chair thefemale was sitting in, threw sand in her face and kicked her in the leg. Themale was subsequently located and taken into custody. He was processed at Troop E and charged withBreach of Peace and Criminal Mischief 3rd.
On 09/15/17Sergeant Stanko and Officer Curran responded to Harkness Memorial State Parkfor a report of a dog falling out of a truck and a person beating it. Uponarrival the dog was found tied up in the back of the truck with no food orwater. Witnesses who observed the incident related they saw a female in thetruck get out and pick the dog up off the ground by its collar, held the dog inthe air and carried it across the parking lot yelling and screaming at it. The female then dropped the dog on the groundand began kicking it. The dog was then picked up and put back in the truck. SergeantStanko found the driver of the vehicle who related the dog jumped of of thetruck while it was moving and that she had smacked the dog several times toteach it a lesson. The original complainant was contacted and interviewed aboutwhat she saw. She related that she saw the dog being kicked and hit, grabbed bythe ears and left it in the back of the truck.The local Animal Control Officer (ACO) was contacted and upon arrivaltook possession of the dog. Upon examination the dog suffered skin abrasionsand bruising, road rash and soreness in both rear legs. The owner of the dogwas charged with Cruelty to Animals.
Wildlife Enforcement
On 09/30/17EnCon Officers from the Marine District responded RT 9 southbound in thevicinity of exit 4 in the town of Essex for a report of a cow moose that wasstruck by a motor vehicle. The moose wasable to make it to the Woodline after being struck by a vehicle and stumbleddown an embankment. Thankfully there were no injuries to the two occupants ofthe motor vehicle which had damage to the vehicle’s roof.Due to its injuries the moose had to beeuthanized. State Wildlife Biologists will be conducting a necropsy of theestimated 700 lb. animal.

Fishing Enforcement
On 09/04/17Officer Nivolo saw an individual fishing the Saugatuck River at the State BoatRamp who kept an undersized fluke and put it in a 5 gallon bucket. Thisindividual was also seen keeping undersized scup. Officer Nivolo approached theindividual and determined that he also did not have a valid fishing license.The fluke was measured to be 14” (minimum legal length for fluke is 19.) Theindividual was issued an infraction for Fishing w/o a License and Possession ofUndersized fluke. The scup were still alive and returned to the water wherethey belonged.
On 09/06/17Officer Bruno saw an individual crabbing from a kayak on the Pattagansett Riverin East Lyme. Upon a compliance check of the individual, it was determined hehad 21 blue crabs, 11 of which were under legal length to possess, less than 5”from point to point. The individual stated to Officer Bruno that he was in arush to get home because the mosquitoes were biting him. The individual wasissued an infraction for Possession of Undersized Blue Crabs.
On 09/17/17Officer Hey saw an individual fishing at Lighthouse Point in New Haven. Uponchecking said individual, it was determined that he was in possession ofundersized blackfish. At this time theseason for blackfish was closed. The individual was issued an infraction for Possessionof Tautog (blackfish) during a closed season.
On 09/21/17Officer Hey was patrolling the shoreline in Milford and saw and individualfishing and recognized this to be the same person he had dealt with severalweeks prior who did not have a fishing license. Officer Hey approached theindividual and determined that he was in possession of 8 undersized scup andstill had not purchased his fishing license. An infraction was issued for bothviolations.
On 09/23/17Sergeant Stone was patrolling the shoreline around Milford and saw severalindividuals approaching him walking towards their vehicle with fishing gear andseveral small plastic coolers. Sergeant Stone checked the coolers for fish andfound 54 short scup, 9 short sea bass and 3 short striped bass. The threeindividuals were cited accordingly and the dead fish were donated to theBeardsley Zoo to feed wildlife.
On 09/24/17Officer O’Brien saw an individual fishing from shore in West Haven with a groupof other fishermen keeping undersized fish and hiding them in his vehicle. Theindividual was checked and found to have in his possession four Tautog (blackfish)all of which were under the minimum legal limit of 16”. The individual was issued an infraction for Possessionof Undersized Tautog and Possession of Tautog During the Closed Season.
Numerousfishing violations occurred in the month of September involving Undersized scupand black sea bass, over the daily limit of bluefish and possession of Tautogduring the closed season.

Public Outreach
MarineDistrict Officers participated in the annual Hunting & Fishing Day at Cabela’swith the Marine TIP Trailer. Officer Logiodice and his K-9 partner Ruger conducteda fish and game detection demonstration of which several youths participated inhiding the “evidence” around the grounds. Officer Logiodice and Ruger were ableto locate all of the evidence. Thedemonstration was well received by the public and emphasized our officers andk-9’s abilities.
CT EnCon Police
East DistrictHighlights
September 2017

Moose Incident
On themorning of September 30th, 2017, The Connecticut State Policenotified DEEP Emergency Dispatch that a moose had been sighted in Essex near alimited access highway.Officers Wojcik,Logiodice, Torres, Sergeants Chemacki, Kane, Stanko and Captain Lundin wereresponding when another notification was soon received that the moose had beenstruck by a car on Route 9, with no apparent injuries to the vehicle’soccupants.Early arriving officers foundthe moose far down an embankment with injuries from the collision, and it waseuthanized.Division biologists wereunable to respond but wanted to perform a necropsy, and the animal wastransported to Franklin Wildlife with the assistance of many officers and a towtruck.Biologists later estimated theanimal to be a 2½ year old, 650 pound female which had been tracked fromStafford through Tolland, Lebanon, Montville, East Lyme and Lyme over a 5 dayperiod.
Search and Rescue Incident
On September17th at about 8:30 PM Officers Pettus, Wojcik and Blackwellresponded to Bigelow Hollow State Park following a report of a 70 year old malelost on the trail system since about 6:30 PM.State Police Troop C and local FD units also assisted in the search forthe uninjured but disoriented male, who was located by EnCon Police early thenext morning near the Massachusetts state line and returned to his family andvehicle after a well-being check.
Boating Enforcement / IncidentResponses
On September2nd, Officer Reilly and Sergeant Kane responded to Rock LandingMarina on the Connecticut River, Haddam Neck, for complaints of damage to docksand three vessels from an identified, forty-one foot cabin vessel that did notslow down in the posted no-wake area.After taking a statement from the complainant, the subject vessel waslocated up river and the 55 year old captain was cited for the wake violationand advised of the resulting damages.
On September11, 2017, Officer Jason Williams was dispatched to a reported collision betweena Middletown High School 9-person rowing scull and a small fishing vessel withone occupant that occurred near dark on the Connecticut River, Middletown. No injuries were reported, but damageoccurred to the transom of the fishing vessel.The rowing scull coxswain was warned for failure to maintain properlookout.
Park / Forest / WMA Enforcement
On 9/6/17Officer Pettus received a complaint of 2 males smoking marijuana in the parkinglot at Belding WMA, Vernon. Upon arrivalshe found 2 males matching the given descriptions and warned them regardingpossession of illegal drugs / marijuana.Upon reaching their vehicle, the 22 and 23 year old males dumpedmarijuana in Officer Pettus’ sight and were cited for littering and illegalpossession of marijuana.
Once againat Belding WMA, Officer Pettus received a complaint on 9/27/17 of possibleillegal campers on state property. Though no indications of camping were found, four males ages 17-18 werefound in possession of marijuana and numerous drug paraphernalia – all werecited for disorderly conduct and the illegal items were destroyed.
OfficerVroman was able to wrap up a September 2016 littering case where a large loadof trash, cardboard and renovation materials were found in Natchaug StateForest, Chaplin. After tracking thematerials through the homeowner in Leominster, Massachusetts and a contractorin Chaplin, the dumper was eventually identified and cited with a public landlittering violation.
On themorning of 9/17/17, Officer Ruggiero found a smoldering fire and a Subaruwithout registration, smashed into a tree and abandoned in Cockaponset StateForest, Deep River. He eventuallylocated the new owner of the vehicle and two other young males (ages 17-20) whoadmitted to having the party and fire the night before.All were cited for trespassing as well as theowner for abandoning a motor vehicle; the three males returned to douse thefire and cleaned up the remaining trash and pallets.
On September20th, Cockaponset SF maintainers advised Officer Ruggiero of a largeamount of garbage bags and a child’s play scape they found dumped on stateforest land in Deep River.Afterlocating trash items with addresses, Officer Ruggiero identified the hiredcontractor who removed the garbage and play scape and admitted to dumping themin the forest.He was cited fordumping/littering.
Public Outreach Events
Northeastsector Officers Danielson, Bouthillier and Vroman participated in all four daysof the Woodstock Fair, held over the Labor Day weekend with many visitors andnumerous hours put in by these officers in setting up the outreach trailer andits many displays.
Eastern District OfficersBouthillier, Pettus, Scatena, Sgt. Dwyer and Captain Lundin joined Marineofficers with division outreach trailers at the Wildlife / Fisheries Divisions’annual Hunting and Fishing Appreciation Day event at Cabela’s in East Hartfordon September 23rd.With manydisplays by all DEEP outdoor divisions, attendance by other wildlifeorganizations and numerous participant activities, this event proved to be verypopular and engaged many visitors of CT State EnCon Police
West District Highlights
September 2017


On09/04/17 Officer Johnston conducted a vessel stop on a pontoon boat on CandlewoodLake in the town of Sherman. Upon stopping the vessel a male passenger statedthat he was suffering from a head injury he sustained from being theoperator of a jet-ski the was involved in a boating accident on the lakeminutes earlier. Officer Johnston escorted the vessel into Squantz Cove wherehe met New Fairfield EMS. The male was transported to the hospital. At thesame time a juvenile female was being transported from the lake by NewMilford Ambulance for a hand injury that she sustained in the same boatingaccident. Several EnCon officers along with the Candlewood Lake Marine Patrol respondedto multiple scenes on the lake that involved the accident andDanbury Hospital. It was later determined that a jet ski collided with thebow of an anchored vessel near Chicken Rock. The operator of the Jet Skiwas ejected into the vessel injuring his head. The female juvenilepassenger of the vessel sustained minor injuries to her finger. All injuredparties were treated and released from the hospital the same day. The operatorof the jet-ski was charged with Reckless Boating 2nd Degree, InsufficientFire Extinguishers, and Operation of a Personal Watercraft withoutCertificate.


On 09/12/17 Officer Heathwas walking a parcel of woods in the town of Plymouth when he discovered aclearing in the trees with multiple tree stands facing apples, corn and abait block on the ground. On opening day 09/15/17 Officers Heath and Yescott enteredthe woods in the early morning and at approximately 0645hrs discovered anindividual wearing camouflage clothing sitting in a tree stand withhis compound bow facing the bait piles. The accused was escorted from the woodsand charged with Hunting deer over bait. The accused’s bow, arrows, trailcamera and tree stand were seized as evidence. The accused is scheduled for acourt appearance on 09/25/17 at Bristol Superior Court.

On9/16/17 the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection EmergencyDispatch Centers received an anonymous report that a male had illegally shotand killed two black bears on private property in Wilton. OfficersMihalyak, Mazzotta, Flis and Sergeant Buckley responded to the area and saw amale exiting the woods allegedly carrying a bear skin, head and paws stored inhis backpack, he was accompanied by another individual. The male allegedlystated that he shot the first bear as it was walking under his tree stand. Hefurther admitted that while checking on the deceased bear a second bearapproached him. He stated that he then shot and killed the second bear. Hestated he texted a friend to assist in retrieving the bears from theirlocation. Upon arrival they both allegedly skinned the first bear, cuttingoff its paws and head, for a trophy mount. The accused did not have avalid 2017 hunting license or Archery Permit. After the initialinvestigation both individuals were arrested. One male was charged with Illegaltaking of black bear (2 counts) and violation of Negligent Hunting 4thdegree and was released on a $5,000 non-surety bond. The second male wascharged with violation of Conspiracy to Commit Illegal taking of black bear andwas released on a $3,000 non-surety bond. Both are scheduled to appear inGA 20 Norwalk Superior Court on September 28th2017.

On09/17/17 after receiving an anonymous complaint about deer baiting, OfficerFlis saw a male hunting from a ground blind over the bait pile. The male wasobserved sitting in the homemade hunting blind approximately 16 yards from thewhole kernel corn pile located in Derby CT. The male admitted to putting thecorn there to attract the deer. The accused male admitted to knowing that itwas illegal to bait deer in the area. He did however have legal permission tohunt the area and had all his proper licenses. He was issued a summons for theviolations and is scheduled to appear at GA-5 court in Derby.


On 09/23/17 while conductingboating safety enforcement at Rainbow Reservoir in Windsor Officer DeFelice sawa vehicle parked facing the wood line with the driver side door open and theoperator's legs hanging out of the car. He approached to check on the wellbeingof the operator and saw that the operator was huddled next to a femalepassenger, who was not wearing a shirt. Officer DeFelice stepped back so thatthe female could put on her shirt, and the male operator immediately steppedout of his vehicle and approached him asking about hiking trails. Theoperator approached Officer DeFelice keeping his right arm behind his backand appeared to be clinching an object. The operator refused to take hisarm from behind his back and subsequently was handcuffed for officersafety. Once handcuffed Officer DeFelice noticed that the operator droppeda crack pipe. As this happened the female passenger exited the vehicle andquickly approached Officer DeFelice in a panicked state, reaching for contentsin her pants pockets as she approached. The female refused instructionsto keep her hand out of her pockets and stand at the rear of the vehicle. Asa result the female was also handcuffed for safety. While handcuffed, thefemale again reached into her pockets and Officer DeFelice could see the tornedge of packaging which he suspected was used to contain heroin. Thefemale indicated that she had additional narcotics on her person and a searchof her revealed two empty heroin packets, two packets containing suspectedfentanyl and three rocks of crack cocaine as well as a plastic straw withsuspected heroin residue and a glass pipe with suspected crack cocaineresidue. The male operator was arrested and charged with Possession ofDrug Paraphernalia and the female was charged with Possession of Narcotics(Crack Cocaine), Possession of Narcotics (Fentanyl), Possession of DrugParaphernalia and Prohibited Acts at a State Boat Launch.


On09/05/17 EnCon Officers, Connecticut State Police, Simsbury Police, Avon Policeand Simsbury Fire Department responded to Talcott Mountain on the report of alost hiker. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the lost hiker came tothe mountain after arguments with his girlfriend and comments were made thatindicated he may be contemplating suicide. A maintenance garage at the top ofthe mountain was discovered to have a broken window and unsecured door. Itappeared as if someone entered the garage but nothing was reported missing. Theparty was later located in the general facility of the garage in the snackbuilding. The accused was issued a summons and was ultimately transported tothe hospital for a police emergency examination/ committal.


On 09/15/17 a sea-plane madea routine landing on Candlewood Lake in the town of Sherman. Upon landingthe hull of the plane began taking on water. A Good Samaritan
Vessel retrieved the plane'spilot and passenger before the plane became partial submerged. State EnConPolice and Candlewood Lake Authority Marine Patrol responded. Upon arrivalOfficers Johnston and Cammack made sure no one was injured and secured thescene. DEEP Haz-Mat and The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)responded as well. EnCon Officers secured the plane for the evening andassisted the recovery operation that occurred the next day. The incident isunder investigation by the FAA.

On9/19/17 DEEP Dispatch received a call from a park maintainer who encountered afemale who was distraught and sitting on the edge of a cliff at Sleeping GiantState Park. State EnCon Police as well as Hamden Police responded. Upon arrivalOfficers Mihalyak and Johnston along with Hamden Officers climbed thesteep and treacherous blue trail to the top of "The Quarry"where they encountered a despondent barefoot female sitting on the edgeof "The Quarry", a several hundred foot drop. After a 90minute exchange Officers Mihalyak and Johnston along with the Hamden officerswere able to convince the female to step away from the cliff. The officersthen assisted the female in descending down from "The Quarry."The female was eventually transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital for an EmergencyEvaluation.


On 07/08/17Officer Mihalyak was dispatched to Christine’s Critters in Weston for a deceasedbarred owl in a metal trap. The barred owl was caught in a Conibear 220 trap onJuly 7, 2017, and brought to Christine’s Critters for treatment. The barred owlhad several injuries. The right leg was dislocated, twisted 90 degrees, andbroken due to the trap. The right leg was also swollen to approximately three timesits normal size. There was damage to the underside of the owls wings withseveral abrasions to the feather and bones, all exposed. The feathers wereeither entirely removed or frayed due to the barred owl using its wings tocrawl along the ground. Officer Mihalyakspoke with several individuals and was able to locate the trapper, who was a NuisanceWildlife Control Officer (NWCO) until December 31, 2016.He provided two handwritten signed swornstatements detailing that he had been paid to remove a woodchuck from anaddress in Seymour. He set a Conibear 220 trap over a woodchuck burrow.He did not anchor the trap, did not stamp orattach his name to the trap and had left the name of the individual that hadgiven him the trap on the trap.This isall required to be legal. An arrest warrant was applied for and issued for theaccused. The accused turned himself in for processing at Troop I, Bethany on 09/08/17.He is scheduled to appear at G.A. 5 DerbySuperior Court for the following violations: Trapping w/o a license; NWCO w/o alicense; Failure to attach/stamp name on trap; Catch or kill any bird otherthan game bird; Illegal trap by NWCO; – No species, other than listed may betrapped or killed; – Illegal trap set – set below surface of water; securelyanchored to ground; and – No open trapping season for woodchuck.

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