CT State EnConPolice
Marine DistrictHighlights
October 2017
Fishing Enforcement
On 10/1/2017Officer Logiodice was on patrol with K-9 Ruger at Hammonassett State Park andnoticed an individual fishing from the rocks. Officer Logiodice conducted a fishing compliance check of the individualand found him to be in possession of two short striped bass measuring 13 and 17inches.It was also determined theindividual did not have a fishing license.The individual was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for possession ofundersized striped bass, fishing w/o a license and over the daily creel limitof striped bass.
On 10/4/2017Officer Blackwell was on Patrol of the Thames River in Waterford and saw fourindividuals fishing from shore. Of thefour, one had in his possession four scup below the minimum length limit of 10inches.An in-house history check onsaid individual revealed a lengthy history including illegal possession ofriver herring in 2014, 2015, 2016 as well as possession of short scup in 2016on several occasions.Said individual’sfishing license was also suspended in 2015.Officer Blackwell issued the repeat offender an infraction forpossession of short scup and seized his catch.
On 10/7/17Officers Bruno and Tefft were patrolling Quanaduck Cove in Stonington andnoticed three individuals fishing from shore. Officer Tefft began checking the individuals for compliance and found abucket containing several scup of which were undersized.Officer Tefft explained to the individualthat Scup needed to be at least 10 inches.Officer Tefft then saw a plastic bag next to said individual of whichcontained several more scup the largest being 7 inches.All three individuals admitted to catchingthe scup and were each issued infractions for possession less than minimumlength of scup.
On 10/10/17Officer Curran was patrolling Long Island Sound in East Lyme at McCook Park andsaw an individual catch a summer flounder (Fluke) and put it in a cooler. Fluke season closed Sept. 21, 2017.Upon checking the individual, Officer Curranalso located several scup next to said individual of which wereundersized.Officer Curran also observedanother undersized fluke next to the one in the cooler.The individual also had no fishing licenseand was arrested in 2016 for possession of an undersized striped bass.The individual was issued an infraction forundersized scup and illegal possession of fluke during the closed season.
On 10/22/17Sergeant Chemacki was checking fishermen at the boat launch in New Haven Harborand encountered 4 individuals in violation of fishing regulations. One individual was cited for possession offluke out of season and less than minimum length as well as no fishing licenseand two undersized black sea bass.Threeother individuals were also cited for possession of undersized black seabass.
On 10/21/17Officer Tefft was patrolling Long Island Sound in Old Lyme and an observed abuoy in the water approximately 400 yards west of Hatchett Reef. The buoy did not have a license number on itand was subsequently pulled revealing a lobster pot of which had no licensenumber on it as well and the escape vent was attached with plastic zipties.It is required that the panel beinstalled with biodegradable material.The pot had a personal use lobster pot tag and number. The number wasreferenced and the owner contacted.Theowner of said lobster pot was cited for failure to brand (properly mark) hisbuoy and pot and failure to have biodegradable material on the escape vent.

Park & Forest
On 10/10/17Officer Blackwell was patrolling Harkness Memorial State Park at approximately8:30 PM and observed 3 vehicle parked outside the main gate in the fishermen’sparking area. Upon checking severalfishermen in the area, Officer Blackwell was advised by said fishermen thatthere were several Individuals inside the park the appeared to be up to nogood.Over the last several monthsseveral buildings within the park have been vandalized.State Parks are closed at sunset of which onthis day was at 6:18 PM.A short whilelate Officer Blackwell saw three females walking out of the park to thefishermen’s parking area.OfficerBlackwell engaged in conversation with the individuals and immediately detectedthe strong odor of marijuana coming from all of them.Officer Blackwell advised the individualsshe could smell marijuana on them and advised them to hand over any and allnarcotics and paraphernalia they had.Initially 1.8 grams of marijuana was turned over.When the door of the vehicle the threefemales arrived in was opened, Officer Blackwell detected another strong odorof marijuana and once again asked if there were more drugs in the vehicle.Nothing else was voluntarily turned over.Officer Blackwell conducted a search of thevehicle and found another 10.3 grams of marijuana and paraphernalia along witha bottle which contained 1 Xanax pill that was not prescribed to her.The three females were charged with illegalpossession of marijuana and violating hours of operation in a state park.
Public Outreach
On 10//17Officer Nivolo participated in a USCG training exercise at Coast Guard StationNew Haven in which expert kayakers demonstrated to Coast Guard Crewmen what itwas like to have a 45’ Coast Guard vessel approach them for a safetyinspection. Officers were put intokayaks in the water and were able to see firsthand the stress of trying to stayupright and in control when a vessel that size is upon them.It gave the crewmen a better understandingabout boarding procedures and safety on Long Island Sound when conductingcompliance checks to those in kayaks or other manually propelled vessels.
SergeantStanko taught our Hunting Law curriculum to a number of Officers around thesoutheast portion of the state at Montville PD for their recertification. This is a great opportunity to interact withlocal Police Departments and an opportunity to educate them on how they canassist us and what we are looking for should they get called for a huntingrelated crime.

CT State EnConPolice
East DistrictHighlights
October 2017

Public Safety Incidents
On 10/14/17,Officer Reilly was investigating potential illegal deer hunting on privateproperty adjacent to Pickerel Lake, Colchester, when she heard trees andbranches being hit by bullets very close to her, causing her to takecover. While Officers Landry, Wojcik andSergeant Dwyer responded to the incident, Officer Reilly determined a 48 yearold male and 49 year old female were target shooting with a .22 long rifle fromtheir house toward a target in their backyard, attached to a swing set, whichhad no backstop and went indiscriminately into the adjacent, private landOfficer Reilly had been checking.Bothhusband and wife admitted their target shooting set-up was unsafe, and bothwere arrested for Unlawful Discharge of a Weapon and Reckless Endangerment.They were released on bonds with court appearances, and the weapon was seized.
On October 6th,CT State Police Troop C eventually notified EnCon Police of a suicidal femalethey were searching for, who left Johnson Memorial Hospital in Somers thatmorning and ran across the street into Shenipsit State Forest property.Officers Danielson, Landry and Pettusresponded to assist in locating the individual, who was found safe by localpolice some distance away several hours later.
OfficersDanielson and Vroman responded on October 13th to Mansfield HollowState Park on a report from a patron of a suspicious male on a trail.Officers and State Police checked the areaand found a somewhat confused 33 year old local male, who was eventually takento Windham Hospital for evaluation; family responded and advised the subjectwas known to wander from his home but was of no danger to himself or others.

Park / Forest / WMA Enforcement
On 10/13/17,Officer Landry was on patrol around sunset at Soapstone Mountain, ShenipsitState Forest, Somers when she found a 27 year old Massachusetts man standing ontop of the observation tower which has been closed for a couple of years due toits unsafe condition. Further, the areais well posted as closed and the two lower staircases have been removed toprevent access.The subject safelyreturned to the ground, where he was cited for trespassing and evicted.
Littering / Dumping Incidents
About9/16/17, Officer Vroman received a complaint of dumping on Wyndham Land Trustproperty in Pomfret. Initially findingextensive construction debris and an old metal shed, he found anothertwenty-eight (28) bags of trash on the pile on 9/26/17.Officer Vroman tracked the shed andconstruction debris to a woman in Massachusetts, who stated she hired a manfrom Putnam to remove the debris.The 22year old male subject was located, admitted to dumping at least two loads ofdebris and the shed, and was cited on 10/2/17 for two counts of dumping, over$400 in fines.Also on 10/2/17, OfficerVroman located a 38 year old male from Putnam who admitted to dumping the othertrash bags; he was cited for littering with a $219 fine.All debris was removed by Pomfret publicworks.
On October 4th,Officer Vroman found brush, stone, trash and cardboard in a parking area ofYale Forest, Ashford; he located the 56 year old male from Ware, Massachusettswho admitted to dumping the garbage and cited him for a $219 litteringfine.The subject also cleaned up thetrash.

Public Outreach Events
On October14th, Eastern District Officers Vroman and Lundin attended the CTTrappers Association 50th Anniversary Fall Convention in Chaplinwith a display and exchanged much information with over 100 participants.
OfficerWojcik attended Middlesex Community College on October 30th for aclass on ‘Exploring Environmental Careers,’ where he reviewed the work of anEnCon Police Officer, and brought along a rehabilitated raptor.

CT State EnCon Police
West District Highlights
August 2017


On 10/16/2017 a male from Newtown wasarrested by Department of Energy and Environmental Protection EnvironmentalConservation (EnCon) Police Officers. The arrest was a result of anarrest warrant issued in connection with the July 11, 2017 two vessel fatalboating collision on Lake Zoar in Southbury. The accused was charged forviolation of Rules for preventing collisions, failure to keep proper lookoutand reckless boating first degree. He was released on a $5,000 non-surety bondand is due to appear in Waterbury Superior Court on 10/31/2017.

On 10/6/2017while on patrol of Valley Service Road in North Haven a Southwest officernoticed a white colored Chevy Silverado parked adjacent to privateproperty. The property belonged to a property management firm out of NewYork City and Officer Kiely suspected the operator of the vehicle to beillegally hunting the property. Prior to the date of this incident theofficer had located several tree stands on the property. After enteringthe woods he located a white male wearing full camouflage walking along anunmarked trail carrying a crossbow. The crossbow was cocked and drawn backwith three bolts in the quiver. The suspect stated he was hunting deerfrom his tree stand and thought the property belonged to the State. Quinnipiac River State Park is in close proximity to where the hunter wasstopped however, the State parcel was across the Quinnipiac River and thehunter did not appear wet. The accused escorted Officer Kiely to hishomemade tree stand consisting of cut branches, rope, and resting pad. The location of the tree stand was on private property and confirmed not to beon State land. The accused who possessed a valid 2017 Archery deerlicense stated he did not have written consent to hunt the private property anddid not know the property owner. Based on the loaded condition of the crossbowwith the bolts easily accessible in the quiver, while walking along theunmarked trail on private land- in a place where a reasonable person wouldbelieve the objective was to take wildlife, and the verbal admission that hehad been illegally hunting from the tree stand, the accused was issued amisdemeanor summons for the following violations; Criminal Trespass 3rd, and ArcheryHunting on Private Land Without Written Consent. The accused was releasedon a $200.00 cash bond with a court date of 10/17/2017 at G.A. 7 Meriden.

On 10/07/17,officers from the Northwest sector were checking a private parcel of land inthe town of Harwinton due to a recent complaint of hunters illegally hunting onsaid property and also hunting over bait. Upon arriving at the property, anofficer located a male sitting in a tree stand dressed in full camouflage andholding a compound bow. Upon further investigation the male was also found tobe hunting over multiple types of bait. As a result, the male was issued aMisdemeanor Summons for hunting over bait, Criminal Trespass 3rd, NegligentHunting 4th and Hunting without consent. The hunting gear used by the malewas also seized as evidence. The accused is scheduled to appear at theTorrington Superior court later this month.

On 10/7/17, aNorthwest officer was patrolling a private property located in Windsor inresponse to complaints of suspected illegal hunting activity. As the officerwas out on foot he located an individual dressed in camouflage carrying a bowand a backpack. As the officer began to approach the individual’slocation he could see the male walk quickly to his vehicle and remove hiscamouflage clothing. As the male walked around his vehicle he was nolonger wearing camouflage or carrying a bow. The individual began to getinto his vehicle as to drive away when the officer instructed him to stop andexit the vehicle. The individual stated that he was out "looking fordeer" and showed the officer his trail camera. A camouflageheadpiece was observed on the dashboard and a grunt tube on the driver seatwhere the man was just sitting. The officer walked to where he last sawthe man wearing camouflage and located his hunting jacket partially hiddenunder items in the bed of his truck. Located under the jacket was his bowwith attached quiver and arrows, wrist release and range finder. Alsolocated next to the box was a backpack containing several flashlights, some ofwhich with attachments for a bow as well as two pouches containing batteries. The man was also found to not have a hunting license or a valid Archery Permit. Subsequently the individual was charged with two counts of Negligent Hunting inthe 4th Degree and Illegal Deer Hunting without Landowner Consent. He wasreleased on a $500 cash bond and will be arraigned in Enfield Superior Court.

On 10/22/17 aSouthwest officer was dispatched to Paugussett State Forest in the Town ofNewtown for a report of a male dressed in camouflage walking into theforest. Upon arrival he located a New York state resident who was in possessionof a bow and arrows with broad heads attached. He also admitted that he washunting in the forest. The suspect was issued a summons for violationof CGS 26-73 Hunting on Sunday with a court date of 11/6/17 at GA-3 inDanbury.

On 10/28/2017 aSouthwest officer noticed a black colored Ford F250 bearing Massachusettsregistration parked on New England Drive in Wallingford. The registeredowner was a suspect in a lengthy investigation stemming from informationprovided by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection in 2016 ofa Massachusetts resident who was allegedly baiting deer on Wallingford OpenSpace Property (Tyler Mill Preserve). In 2016 an illegal tree stand and baitpile were located and checked routinely, however, the suspect was never caughtactively hunting the property. On 10/21/2017 the officer found a freshbait pile consisting of whole kernel corn which was placed in closed proximityto the tree stand. Deer Harvest records indicated the suspect had alreadyharvested an antlered buck from Wallingford at the beginning of October. On10/28/2017 after seeing the same vehicle in close proximity to the illegalstand the officer entered Open Space property and located the accused with anotched arrow hunting over a freshly placed pile of bait consisting of sweetmash/ whole kernel corn. The accused, who possessed a valid non-residentarchery license, stated he had permission to hunt private property on NewEngland Drive however, stated there wasn’t a good place to put his tree stand. The accused verbally admitted to knowing he was on Open Space Property andthought it was legal to bait deer in Wallingford (Zone 7).
The accused wasissued a Misdemeanor Summons for violations of Illegal use of bait, and Archeryhunting on private land without written consent. The accused was releasedon a $500.00 non-surety bond with a court date of 11/9/17 at G.A. 7 Meriden.

On 10/28/2017 anofficer from the Northwest sector was investigating a report of possibleillegal hunting taking place on a piece of private property located in the townof Plymouth. Upon arriving to the property, this officer noticed a pickup truckparked in the grass with items visible on the back seat conducive to anindividual who would be hunting. Upon further investigation this officerlocated a male party wearing all camouflage clothing holding a cross bowsitting in an elevated tree stand. Further investigation found that the accuseddid not possess a valid consent form for the private property he was huntingon. The accused was ultimately issued a Misdemeanor Summons for "Bowhunting on private property without written consent". The accused'shunting equipment was seized as evidence and the accused is due toappear at Bristol Superior court on a later date to answer these charges.


On 10/29/17, Northwestofficers were dispatched to West Hartford for a report of an individual sellingundersized striped bass in front of a laundromat. Upon arrival officerslocated the suspect and found that he was attempting to sell 31 undersizeStriped Bass, 1 Scup and 1 Bluefish. The suspect freely admitted toselling the fish and stated to officers that he sold 3 Striped Bass prior totheir arrival. The suspect informed Officers that he personally caughtall the fish this morning in Waterford. Officers immediately recognizedthis suspect as he has been arrested numerous times for various fishingviolations. A check with dispatch showed that the suspect’s fishingprivileges were indefinitely suspended and he had two active warrants for hisarrest, one of which was a Failure to Appear for a previous fishingviolation. The suspect was taken into custody and charged with 31 countsof Possession of Striped Bass Less Than Legal Length, 31 Counts of Possessionof Striped Bass In Excess of Daily Creel, Sale of Striped Bass, CommercialFishing without a License, Fishing with a Suspended License and Possession ofMarijuana. The suspect was also processed on his two outstanding warrantswhich included Failure to Pay or Plea and Violation of Probation. Thesuspect was held on a $40,500 cash/surety bond and transferred to HartfordCorrectional Center pending his arraignment.


On 09/14/17 Southwest officers wereinformed by a DEEP Wildlife Biologist of a trapping violation at 20 Round TableRoad in New Milford, involving a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (NWCO). Theofficer met with the complainant who provided information and pictures ofseveral bird traps that were installed on the house by the NWCO. The homeownerwas contacted and stated that the accused NWCO was hired to trap woodpeckersthat were creating holes in the house’s wood siding. A woodpecker depredationpermit is required by the state to trap and relocate woodpeckers. The accused didpossess a valid NWCO license but did not have or apply for the woodpeckerdepredation permit. On 10/21/17 the officer met with the accused who admittedthat he was hired to trap woodpeckers by the homeowner and did not have therequired permit. He was issued an infraction for Trapping Non-Game Birds.