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Thread: Shotgun Opener/2 Does

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    Shotgun Opener/2 Does

    Headed out opening day of shotgun on an MDC lottery controlled hunt. I did this same hunt last year and heard 10-12 shots from other hunters on the property just after first light. This year there wasn't a single shot... other than mine. As I sat in my stand I kept hearing noise over might right shoulder, only to see a squirrel digging loudly through the crunchy oak leafs. I was becoming accustomed to the noise of the squirrel but I kept scanning that area every few minutes... just in case. Sure enough, I hear more rustling coming from that area and look over to see a doe walking out of the laurel toward me. Just behind was a second doe. They are downwind of me but continue coming my way. The first doe comes within 30 yards and steps into a clear shooting lane. BOOM... she runs 15 yards and drops. I check to see where the second doe went and saw that she froze in her tracks. I waited for her to step out from a thick patch of laurel and BOOM... she dropped right there. Later found that my slug went through her heart. Filled out my tags and headed back to the truck to get the deer cart. I got skunked all bow season so I was happy to have 2 does after only an hour in the stand. I spoke to several of the other hunters that later congregated in the parking lot and was surprised to hear that they had not seen anything all morning.

    FYI: 2 deer in one cart did not work at all!
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    Haha, rough times pulling two deer at once? Congrats on the double!
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    Way to fill the freezer. Double the work tho. Lol

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    Congrats on two nice does!

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    Congrats two does will help fill the frezzer
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    Congrats. Now try to salvage your bow season. That cart looks heavy.
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    You're gonna need a bigger cart...congrats!

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    Looks like you have some excellent freezer filler!



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