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Thread: Opening Evening Buck

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    Opening Evening Buck

    I don't think in all my years of hunting that I've made a kill on opening day. And I've always felt I was dealt an unlucky card in that regard. Changed that yesterday.

    Out after school, and in the stand by 3:15. Passed five deer already out feeding in the fields on my way in.

    First came the doe, who continued to look back into the woods, then I saw the object of her glances. He stayed in the tree line about 10 yards for a good five minutes while she fed. As she moved further, he decided he had to break into the field. I looked at him a couple times through the scope and just couldn't make up my mind. His headgear looked small compared to the rest of him. Then something clicked in my head... And I decided I was gonna take him.

    Hit front shoulder from 135 yds. Watched him bound into the woods. I got down and soon found blood that got better as I progressed...that's when I jumped him. Backed out and burned a couple hours before resuming the recovery.

    Back on good blood, not too far from where I jumped him. He was hurt, but not dead. Long story short...he's hanging in the cooler and weighed in at 225lbs dressed. First time I ever weighed a deer. Treat helped me drag him out, and we finally broke the field at 9:30.

    This old bugger is missing most of his teeth, and beyond his prime by my observations...hands down the biggest bodied deer I've ever shot. And on opening day...

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    That's a big boy! Congratulations.

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    wow congrats heavy deer!!! congrats

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    Congrats on the old grey faced buck, he's a nice one.

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    Nice ol fatty

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    That's a good one. Your lucky you didn't lose him though from jumping him. What a shame that would've been.

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    Great buck! Congrats on a nice kill.

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    Great looking buck, Scott. Congrats!!
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    Nice looking buck congrats scott...
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    Congrats. He fills that sled up. Little bit of a roman nose?
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