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    Good day

    What a good day to be out in the woods. I am glad I save vacation time for's why:

    Wife and I hunt a large parcel in Suffield. Today was just me. And the weather couldn't possibly have been better.
    I have 4 tree stands on this piece of land. I had only hunted this one stands once during archery and nothing turned up.
    I went out with my .303 British, hard sights. I am good with that gun for about 65 yards or so. After that, its iffy. I had not gotten my scope on the 30-06 yet and at this point, I wish I had. This particular stand is definitely a rifle w/scope stand as I can see in some directions/areas, clear beyond 100 yards.

    Well things worked out anyways. Wind was where I needed it....exactly. Wind movement was barely noticeable running from my 10'oclock direction to my 4'oclock direction which is exactly what I needed.
    At 715 I had 2 does and 1 buck come in. They came out of a trench to my left, 10 o'clock position, give or take 70 yards out. I started to raise my rifle to get them sighted up even though this wasn't the time to shoot, too many trees and a little too far away. I wanted the buck. I originally set off this season saying I wanted a doe, but this guy was big. I couldn't count the rack, but it was at least a chucky 6 point and his weight had to be north of 180. So he was my primary target. After 2 minutes of holding that rifle up, they weren't going anywhere. I wondered if I had been made, but I think that they might have caught movement out of the corner of their eyes so they were suspicious.
    Eventually they finally started moving, from my left to my right. I slowly moved the gun with them. The buck just wasn't giving me a respectable shot. But the bigger of the two does did, full broad side shot, give or take 65 yards. So just like that, she became my primary target. I let it fly, and she dropped right there. The buck and the other doe started running all over the place in circles, his tail was up. I took a shot at him, but missed. I then put a second shot through the already shot doe, to help seal the deal.
    She died in about 5 minutes or so.
    After about 40 minutes, I decided to get down. I had clear sight of her, about 70 yards away as she managed to drag her self about 5 yards. I combed the area over to look for a blood trail from the buck, but there was none. I take some comfort in knowing he isn't wounded because his tail was up the whole time he ran off.

    I put the scope on my other gun now. Had I done that, I would've gotten the much larger deer. However, I am very thankful for this one, and she is currently hanging in the garage.

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    Congrats Mountain man! She'll eat well
    Licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator

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    congrats man nothing wrong with a doe for the freezer!!! well done!!!!

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    Congrats on your nice Doe.

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    Congrats and thanks for sharing the story

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    Looks like a nice mature doe, congrats.
    NOBODY EVER SHOT BAMBI....they shot his momma.

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    Way to go man, congrats! Sounds like a great day out in the woods.

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    That's a pretty good hunt when it plays out like you hope...congrats on that nice doe.



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