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Thread: Rut Kicking In??

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    Nice one!

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    Congrats on the nice buck!!!

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    Congrats Bishop, nice mature deer.

    Makes me laugh to hear "the rut is kicking in". I still haven't seen one buck the entire season, and very few does. Sat in the rain from 11a - sunset today. Got nothing but wet and cold. We're supposed to see more deer when no acorns, not less.
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    Beauty!! Congrats, Bishop!!

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    Congrats man! Awesome buck. Did you tell your buddy that you didn't have to pay $6,000 for it??
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    Bishop can i ask why you dont field dress in field? Also gets my vote for new homepage pic!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradysmaster View Post
    Bishop can i ask why you dont field dress in field? Also gets my vote for new homepage pic!!!
    We usually hang em up in the woods and debone all the meat onsite and pack it out. Itís a bit cleaner since you donít have to do anything but push the guys out of the way for the tenderloins. since he wanted to mount it and the drag wasnít terrible back up to the house, and I had a brand new skinning rack setup, we opted to drag it whole (most of the way on a tarp) to keep debris out of the cavity and do a good job on the cape from a hanging position (neither of us had caped one out before).

    Field dressing would have made it a little lighter I suppose.

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    Iím so used to hunting in Mississippi where after the shot we can pull an ATV or truck right up to the dead deer, load it, and be at the skinning rack so quick that I have never had to field dress one. Iíve watched a ton of videos while living in CT on how to do it just in case I need to but I usually just hang the deer in a tree where it dies, skin it, debone it, and I can grab the inner loins without a full gutting.

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    Real nice, awesome job. Congrats!
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    Congrats! Nice buck



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