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Thread: Rut Kicking In??

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    Rut Kicking In??

    I went out Saturday morning in the cold wind with the crossbow and had a nice one come out running a doe about 15 min after legal. It was a crazy fast hunt but got my heart pumping. I was in NE Ct behind my in-laws house. Made a Lethal shot and he didnít go too far. This is my first really good CT buck so I took him to Chris Brockett to get a shoulder mount. Growing up around the little deer in Mississippi, this was by far the biggest body i have ever seen on a deer. A big thanks to CTrider for helping me get him out of the woods and get him caped out. Now back to the Ducks and Geese!!!

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    Nicely done!!! That's a nice buck!! I saw a buck bumping three doe's around this morning on my way to work......things are in full swing

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    Rut Kicking In??

    My pleasure. One of the biggest bodied deer Iíve ever seen. Was quite the drag out whole haha. Glad the new skinning rack was christened with such a nice buck

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    nice deer.

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    Real nice buck. Congrats

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    He's a beauty congrats!!!!!

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    Great buck, congrats
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    Nice buck, congrats. Any idea how much he weighed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbahunter View Post
    Nice buck, congrats. Any idea how much he weighed?
    A lot haha

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    Nice one



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