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Thread: Sniper gets it done again

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    Lightbulb Sniper gets it done again

    Well on our 3rd time out together this season my daughter was able to get a beautiful 4 point. She saw a total of 4 deer but she only wanted to take a buck and they were either does or the shot did not present itself. Yesterday afternoon we got in around 1:30 and bumped a spike that never gave us a shot. We then made it to our double tree stand and at 3:30 2 bucks were eating acorns around 120 yards out. I told her to look at the head through the scope and see if it's something she would want to shoot. She said "one is a 4 pnt and I will shoot if given a good shot". I ended up doing some light grunting and curiosity brought him in to 70 yards where we did a head on stare down for about 5 minutes. She said "this is so annoying dad how come they can stand still for that long". Well after he was bored and didn't see any other deer he started walking away broadside and we stopped him right around 70 yards and I told her "whenever your ready you can shoot." She whispered a countdown of 1,2,3, and that deer folded in half and all we saw was white not even a flinch. She definitely loves hunting, seeing, and shooting deer. The spot I took her to is almost a mile in the woods and I forgot what a fun drag that spot is!!! Good luck the rest of the season everyone!!!20171111_155225.jpg

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    That's so awesome. Love to see the younger ones getting into the woods. Congrats to your daughter. Great shot!
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    Great job, congrats to you both.
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    So awesome. I cant wait for mine to hit 12. He cant either.

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    Great job both of you. Nice having a crack shot for a daughter, don't have to worry about filling your freezer yourself.

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    So cool! Congrats to you both!

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    Great job done by both of you! I am waiting on my grandkids now about 7 years to go!

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    Great picture, thanks for sharing. And congrats!!

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    Awesome buck! Congrats!

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    Nice. I wish my spots produced as much deer as yours. I might see 4 deer in an entire year.



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