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Thread: Deer Decoying

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    Deer Decoying

    How long can you use a deer decoy? Can you use them effectively during the rut and post rut?

    Thanks for your input!

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    Decoys are legal during the early or late archery seasons only in CT.

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    From the DEEP Hunting and Trapping Website:

    Decoys - Decoys may be used during the early and late archery deer seasons, but must be covered with 400 sq. in. of fluorescent orange during transport. Decoys cannot be used during the Nov. 15 - Dec. 31 time period.

    I ocassionally use a Montana doe decoy during the early season. I don't know how the fluorescent requiremt applies to that though. I'm not sure how you could get 400 inches of fluorescent orange on it when it is folded up. I do make sure that it is completely covered going in and out. A few years back I had a bow hunter nock an arrow and start stalking my decoy. I got his attention so my decoy didn't get perforated.

    I put a couple of white and brown feathers on the rump of the decoy to add some movement. It doesn't take much of a breeze to move them around some.

    Every single year I see gun hunters on the bow hunting only lands and not just on the edges. They are getting a head start on the rifle season by a day or two before the rifle season officially opens. It has gotten much worse with the new tagging system. Use the fluorescent orange. The life you save may be you own.


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    I've had my Montana decoy stalked also but the other hunter saw me before taking a shot. All I heard was a curse and him stomping off. I take some paper towel and color it with marker in summer to make a tail and 'ears'. Let me dry and lose the marker stink then store them in a bag w/ dry leaves until use. I use dedicated binder clips to hold them on the decoy. Moves pretty well with even a slight breeze.



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