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Thread: 11/10: Finally Fall Weather

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    11/10: Finally Fall Weather

    Got out for the opener to a new spot that looked promising while scoutin a week or so ago. Put in around 4 for a long paddle. Was mild in thr 40s but the wind was starting to pick up. Seen three sets of eyes glowing from the headlamp in the dark that ended up being deer once we got closer. Got to the spot thankful to find no obe around and set the spread. Action was quick right at legal and my buddy dropped a nice fat greenhead as the trees above us erupted with turkeys. Nice! First big duck of the season with only woodies during the first split. Worked a few more pairs of mallards that hit the channel when we were sitting the cove so we adjusted and ended up taking a hen blackie from another pair then taking a pair of mallards with a few wiffs at strange low flying woodies (think buffleheads or hoodies a foot off the deck) in between. Not many birds moving besides but had some geese land right by us like they knew they were safe for one more day. Was nice to get some birds in close as the wind picked up and temp dropped off. Felt like fall for a change.
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    Sounds like a great day Mallard! Congrats. Great shooting. So nice to have some cooler weather now.
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    Nice report. My favorite spot cooled off in more ways than one. I got one drake mallard and one drake woodie, and my buddy got a drake wodie too. The 100 woodies I saw on the early opener, and abundant mallards are all but gone, migrated out. I'm hoping this arctic front brought down a new batch.



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