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Thread: Uneventful goose hunt

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    Uneventful goose hunt

    Got out this morning with two buddies in a cut corn field east side of the river, that we normally donít hunt. Figured with the cold the past couple days we would at least get an opportunity to run some traffic and try to get some birds to work the spread.

    Set up and in the layouts by 6 am, only to have one group give our spread a quick look all day. Anyways was a beautiful morning to get outside and spend some quality time joking around with some friends. The donuts and coffee were a very welcome addition on the chilly morning.

    Hope others were able to have some better luck and see some birds.

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    Rough times in NW CT. Everything was locked up with ice so the morning duck hunt was slow despite a 25 mallard scout yesterday at the private spot we hit. Found one little patch of open water across the swamp by a beaver dam. Had 9 mallards in two groups swing by before legal but they never came back. However, saw about 500 geese this morning when driving around to check some of our other permissions. Of course Goose season in the AP unit is still closed for another week... This happens every year. Migrating geese are here in early and mid November. By the time the season comes around the numbers start to dwindle. December roles around and the geese are gone. It's colder here. Everything locks up with ice here before most of the rest of the state. We've asked the biologists multiple times to take days off the back end of the AP unit season and tack them on at the front end. The birds are here in November. They aren't here in December and January. At least that's how it is in our areas. That's five years of hardcore fowling in NWCT and solid field observations. The AP season delay makes no sense to me. Apparently the migrating geese that come through the AP are from the Hudson Bay Area. The rest of the state gets geese from Greenland and eastern Canadian seaboard, of which supposedly there are higher numbers than those in the Hudson. Yet, data shows the population numbers between the two areas are pretty close in numbers to each other. I don't get it. Oh well. Deal the cards you're dealt. We'll be out there next Saturday for honkers for sure. I'm glad to see others getting out there for birds. It was such a nice morning.
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    We were saying the same thing this morning. Saw a good number of ducks and bigger flocks than previous years but all morning only saw a total of 5 geese. Was very surprised figured they'd be moving a lot more

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    Seeing more of the same out here. Geese seemed to be passing through a bit during the break but nothing now despite the cold front. Heard a goose but never saw any.

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    There will be more. We went out Saturday. I took a couple friends of mine with me who never goose hunted before. Much to my dismay, we got skunked. Not a lot of birds around right now and the ones that are around are skittish. Hopefully that will change soon.



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