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Thread: youth opener

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    youth opener

    Anyone bringing a little guy or gal out tomorrow? the weather looks great!!

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    Not yet. My oldest son is 9 1/2 this year. Couple more to go. I got him practicing tho. He shoots his bow every day and hes not a bad shot with the .22. Hes my little call operator when we go yote hunting. He loves it

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    pretty lame morning yesterday saw a lone doe walking at 9:30 and that was it. I saved this double tree stand for this season and havent been their at all bow season but it was missing a ratchet strap when we got there and another hunter was headed there at 7:45 a.m. (what the hell) . Disapointing but we have permission on 4 decent properties so hopefully we could get it done. good luck to everyone.

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    Pretty lame couple of weeks for me. Almost forgot what a deer looks like. Im having almost the same problem as you. I have a spot thats been really good in past years this time of year so i only went there once about a month ago to set up a cam. Was waiting for this week. Pulled the card last night and not one deer on it. Just pics of some yahoo walking thru almost every day with a x bow. Wtf? I know its state land so i cant gripe but still frusterating none the less.

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    No youngsters for me to take out yet.
    Not that I would have a confident spot to take one. Not seeing many at all. 13 does and fawns for about 70 hrs in stand. NOT ONE BUCK SEEN YET.
    NOBODY EVER SHOT BAMBI....they shot his momma.



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