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Thread: 10-21-17 A great ending!

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    10-21-17 A great ending!

    Another great hunt this morning with the NW boys to cap the end to early season waterfowl. We met up this morning around 0600 to hit up a hidden jewel of a spot. I was pleasantly surprised that the walk to this spot, although thick and rugged, was not long at all. Little did I know, the boys had already prepped the spot and 4 kayaks were waiting on the bank. The four of us paddled out into the swampy pond and split into 2 groups in different spots hidden among the reeds. I took a moment to look up at the amazing stars while WoodsmanA put 6 or so duck decoys in front of us. DU CT and Alex were in the other group and they went with several goose decoys in front of them. We put our gear on small islands of grass within the reeds, loaded our wader pockets with shells, and crouched down behind the weeds and reeds within the marsh. We could hear a group of geese in the water along with many ducks as we patiently watched the clock tick away to legal shooting time. Finally, “game on” and the day began with WoodsmanA busting two wood ducks that were in front of us. Then the madness began. Ducks started coming in from everywhere, mostly woodys, like bullets blazing over the sky. Blam Blam Blam, LaLoom (miss, miss, miss, miss, for me). After maybe 20 minutes or so we had several birds down and we all regrouped to come up with another game plan. I was placed in the brush of the marshy pond while the boys paddled around to the backside trying to kick up birds. After several more shots and tons of birds kicked up and flying we decided to call it a day, but not before a group of geese came over, where we managed to tag two. All in all we probably saw 150 birds flying and ended up killing 11 ducks (1 drake mallard, 1 banded drake mallard, 9 wood ducks) and 2 geese. Another great hunt with a stand up bunch of guys. Awesome way to end the early season!

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    Awesome way to end. Good job

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    Great ending to the first split. How many days left adam?

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    20 days and counting! Can't wait for November 10. What an amazing season!
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    You guys definitely made use of the short season. Like you said Nov. 10th can't come soon enough.

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    Way to go guys!

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    It was a good season. Looking forward to November for sure. It must be colder up north because as far as geese are concerned there are a lot of them around.



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