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Thread: 10/16 - Private Swamp Mixed Bag

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    10/16 - Private Swamp Mixed Bag

    Woke up early this morning feeling excited at the prospect of getting on some ducks. Myself, DU CT and our other bud converged on the parking spot for today's hunt at 5:30 at one of our best private land permissions. I had scouted the swamp last Friday morning and walked out feeling elated after having seeing a great number of woodies, mallards and geese.

    The weather did not disappoint this morning. 52 degrees and falling with cloud cover and a nice breeze. We broke through the brush and reeds to set up the decoys and the temperature was noticeably dropping. Everything felt great for a good morning over the decoys. Simple two group spread with 16 decoys. One group out front, the other off to our right. We waited patiently for the swamp to come alive. The sky turned a mild orange for a while. It finally feels like fall.

    Legal shooting light came at 6:36 and the birds had not started moving yet. Wood ducks were whistling in the reeds off to our north and the honks of geese in the distance brought smiles to all our faces. About five minutes later, when it was still pretty dark given the low clouds, a wood duck jumped and hit the decoys. One shot is all it took to bring the sky to life. Wood ducks began to scream past us. Singles, pairs, groups large and small. Took a little bit to shake some duck rust but the passing shots finally connected and ducks were dropping.

    After the initial volleys with the wood-missiles the geese started to move. One group of about 25 took off and caught the wind, gaining altitude quickly. They left and didn't return despite scouting info that suggested otherwise. Yet, another larger group of about 80 geese picked up from across the swamp, cupped wings in the wind that was at our backs and set feet at about 25 yards to our right. We dropped six out of the sky from just a few feet off the water. It got a little quiet after that with only an occasional wood duck darting by just out of range but within the last half hour we folded two mallard, a hen and a first year drake, and on more goose from a pair that wanted in badly.

    When we decided to pack it in we came out with a limit of wood ducks, two mallards and seven geese. One band on a goose. An 1168.

    Mornings like this are why I hunt ducks. There is nothing better than setting up in a beautiful swamp that you worked hard to obtain permission for with your best buds.
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    Nice job on the birds!!! Spots like that are treasure spots!!! Simply awesome!!

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    Laloom! Awesome write up! Way to get it done yet again

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    We need a “Like” button

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    Another great morning guys. Congrats.
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    Awesome bag of birds.

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    awesome job guys wicked cool!

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    That's a fine pile of birds right there. Awesome job as usual. This cooler weather coming over the next day or two has got them moving a bit better.

    My morning was less impressive. We hiked in a kayak about a half mile to a beaver swamp where my buddy had scouted previously and spotted quite a few woodies. Saw some just after legal, it was dark this morning. Bout 8 in all never had any shots.

    Afternoon hunt over corn produced a pair of geese who worked about 4 passes before committing. No other geese but we fought hard trying to pull in wave after wave of mallards. Was impressed with the number of mallards around, about 30 or so in all. They wanted the safe pasture pond more, may have to try and set up for a pasha shoot. Geese were lacking but between the sign and farmers report they were in heavy this a.m. Gunna try to get out in the a.m. Good luck to those who get out before the end of 1st split.
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