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Thread: Home for the week!

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    Home for the week!

    I'm between jobs right now waiting to start my new role on October 23rd so I decided to take the wife and 4 month old baby girl down to Mississippi to see my folks. While down here I've been bowhunting and crossbow hunting a good bit. I've been seeing plenty of deer but they've either been getting spooked or not coming in close enough. On the evening of October 11th my dad and I hunted a box stand with a crossbow and saw a decent 10 point but he was 102 yards away. I've seen probably a total of 12 deer on separate occasions this week and was getting very frustrated. Well I finally connected yesterday morning when a beautiful young 11 point came walking in at 7:09am. I shot him at 40 yards with my dads crossbow. I'm not sure if I pulled off or he bolted when he heard the crossbow, but I did not hit him good. I got lucky that I clipped the femoral artery and he ran less that 50 yards. I'm going to try to get out some more this week with my compound bow. I hope between me, my dad, and brother that we can get a few more in the cooler so we can make my papaw some deer sausage.

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    Real nice buck, congrats. You seem to have some nice bucks down there.

    What are type of habitat / terrain are you hunting down there?
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    A lot of thick cut over that has been replanted in pines and has grass patches pushed on it. Feeders are legal now so most of the patches have some sort of corn or protein feeder. For management purposes I did not need to shoot that deer. It's probably a 2.5 year old with a small 120lb body. But I'm hunting for meat and don't care about management. Hahahah. It made a few of the old guys out here mad when I shot him.

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    Pretty buck, congrats.
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    beautiful racked buck. congrats man thats an awesome vacation with family!!!

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    You won't find many old timers up here that would be mad about that deer getting shot. Really nice buck. Congrats on a nice home coming.

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    Congrats on a nice buck. Looks like some good genetics down there.the ol timers would probably have a stroke if they saw what we shoot at round here.

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    Real nice buck, congrats!

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    Nice buck Bishop... Congrats!

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    What kind of crossbow do you guys use there?



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