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Thread: Holy Crap - I actually harvested a doe on 9/30

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    Holy Crap - I actually harvested a doe on 9/30

    Yeah, I know, I haven't been around much (been on the backend, but time has not been my friend in many months). I am still out on the hunt though every Saturday and any other day I can squeeze in.

    I was out this past Saturday, hunting a stand that had some major early scouting promise, and it is a whopping 30 yards off the road. Major travel zone along old skidder road. This was my 4th sit in the stand this season, but the first time I parked my truck on the opposite side of the road about 200 yards away, out of site (prior parking was also about 200 yards away, but I am thinking visible from their travel path).

    My wife had just texted me asking when I would be home I replied about 7:00 unless I get a shot off, so, I said 7:00 LOL

    Not 5 minutes later, I had a doe to my rear left, about 20 yards out. She knew something was amiss, but came off alert quick and back to grazing. As I reached for the crossbow, I saw a second behind her. The lead doe was at quartering away but then shifted with her ass facing me, but the smaller doe was not broadside and I had my crossbow in ready position. Safety off, scope on her, full broadside, squeeze .... then deer bounding across the road. Something sounded off, but I knew I hit the second. Sat in the stand for about 15 minutes getting my adrenaline back to normal ... then climbed down to check out the shot area. Found the bolt, but there was only nominal blood on the fixed blades and a little on the fletching. Almost nothing on the shaft ... uh oh.

    Took a walk out to the road and there were bright red thick blood drops. Waited another 10 minutes then started the trailing. Drip drip, drip drip, major blood, drip drip ... tracked the trail for about 150 yards with multiple spots where she stopped and bled alot. Then, at just about 7:00 PM I heard movement, looked up and saw her about 50 yards out, tail up, but just walking off from being bedded. We pulled out from there, to let her lie, as we would've just bumper her all night if we kept pressing.

    We reinspected the shot zone and as I feared, the bolt was deflected, found a branch completely sliced in 2 but the broadhead (which broke one of the blades off). Could not see it in the scope, as the woods are already getting quite dim by 5:30 with all the leaves still up. So, I knew the shot did not hit where I was aiming, just no idea where.

    Back in at 7:00 AM Sunday morning. Found where she was bedded when we bumped her the prior night then back on the same type of trail for another 100 yards or so. We weren't feeling good at this point, but then we found tissue that smelled "paunchy" ... oh no, gut shot. Then, when we couldn't find any more blood trail, there she was behind a tree, deceased and no coyotes had gotten on her. She was a yearling doe.

    The bolt did do a passthrough, just behind the breastplate/ribs very low. It sliced her open right there and her intestines were falling out (hence the "paunchy" smell on that tissue and her behavior when we bumper her). Good news is she was recovered and nothing was wasted. Crappy night's sleep on Saturday evening for sure.

    She was small for sure, dressed @ 48 pounds (eek), but I can attest, unbelievably tasty for a deer that was not hung at all.

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    Great job my friend i am really happy for you get back in the stand and kill another...
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    Very nice Brad. Congratulations on a nice doe.

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    Good job Brad, glad you found her.
    Many years ago, I shot a YOY doe with my ML in mid NOV. Dressed out at 37#. 48# doesn't seem so small.
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    Happy to hear you found her, nice job keeping after it
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    Way to go Brad!! Very happy you finally connected. I know you have been at it for a long time. Lots of scouting and time spent working to get on public land deer. You really earned it man, congrats!! Go out and get another. Your next sit will have a totally different feel to it, the deer will come a little easier now.

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    Congrats Brad

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    Congrats. First one always seems the hardest

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    Nice job....

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    Congrats on the nice doe! Meat in the freezer

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