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Thread: Archery Yote

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    Archery Yote

    Decided to bring my caller with me from now on while bow hunting deer. Let's me stay that extra half hour. I place it at or near the base of my tree and simply turn it on as needed.

    Was using fawn distress to get the attention of some does when the batteries cut out. I sat in silence for a while then looked right and saw a yote trotting off. He was coming in and I never thought to look.

    Scurried down the ladder, swapped out the batteries, then back up the ladder. As I was getting ready to call it a night, I look up and see a coyote in the corner 175yds away. I scrambled to get the remote fired up and the caller calling. Stood up with my bow and waited for him to commit. When I decided he was finally coming, I drew when he was 50yds away. And barked him to stop at 25 yds.

    Smoked him...and he died in less than 100 yds right in the middle of the field. First called archery yote, and I suspect there'll be more.

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    Nice. You kill'em any way you can.
    NOBODY EVER SHOT BAMBI....they shot his momma.

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    Awesome, you just saved some fawns and turkeys by getting rid of that yote.

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    Nice work yet again. I like the idea of having the caller right below you... I may steal that idea!



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