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Thread: 2-deer down "video" hunt.

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    2-deer down "video" hunt.

    Hello all, I haven't been on much; been working, tending to my hunting land, 3 girls all away at college... you all know busy life stuff.

    I do miss the "old days" on this site. great people and stories.. alot of activity. I'm sure everyone is probably in the same boat.. busy life stuff.

    Last year I had used my cell phone to tape a hunt after I made the shot, the deer only took a few steps and then finally went down.
    That got me thinking and looking for cameras. Over the last year, everything I looked at I didn't like for one reason or another. I looked at the Go-Pro, I looked at the type of camera mounted in place of the stabilizer.
    I wanted a camera that I can maneuver and that has a view screen. So what I did was take a like new 7 year old hard disk video camera we no longer use that has a swivel video screen can zoom in 24x if i wanted and I set it up on a mount that i can maneuver. Everything seemed great and i was ready for a hunt!.

    Saturday morning the 30th started out cool with a little rain but I felt it would be a good morning to be out there. I went to my favorite stand overlooking a food plot I put in of Forage Oats with a mix of Secret Spot, it all came up well and my trail cameras show many nice sized bucks and does out there. I was there to fill the freezer and taking two deer per year from this land is what I usually go for.
    I got in early, it was 5:30 and i'm settled in the ladder stand and ready. Light takes a while to get there but finally at 6:46 I see a large doe come in from 40 yards away and to my right out of thick brush and she slowly feeds eating oats as she casually walks across the plot and gets closer.
    I really don't know what i was thinking, but the camera wasn't even turned on.. for this deer.
    After a minute she is standing right in front of me at 20 yards, very calm no cares in the world her back side partially hidden by a small maple and I draw and take the shot. She jumps and whirls to her right and then back to her left and runs off. I have no idea how far she went. I settle back in to wait before I start tracking and within 10 minutes I see a 3 pointer at 50 yards coming out of the woods and heading into the plot.
    I wanted to get a deer on video, and i usually take 2 deer off this land so I turn the camera on and swivel it to my target. Its focused in nicely as he gets closer and the camera is following his every step.
    These deer love those oats and he is taking advantage of a nice patch of it! Suddenly off to my left from the same area that my doe ran off to comes in another doe. I have an old crab apple tree in that area and its picking off the droppings. I move the camera and focus in on her as the buck gets closer to me. Both deer then get on screen and i'm loving it! 2 deer now at 20 yards on screen, the buck in the exact same spot that I shot the doe at and I take the shot on the buck, it was a great shot and he runs 40 yards stops and then falls over.

    I swear by the G5 Striker 100 grain broadheads and they don't disappoint. As luck would have it using these heads a deer never runs more than 40-50 yards for me. Many drop within a few feet. I also have an older Martin bow, about 7 years old now can't even remember the model nothing fancy but it takes down deer and stays on target easily out to 50 yards. I would never shoot at a deer that far I keep it all under thirty.
    Getting back to the deer on video, after the shot, i swivel the camera on the mount and follow him into the dark patch of woods as best as I could, my camera sees him there as he topples over.
    As a "professional videographer' now who captured a perfect hunt on tape, I quietly speak into the camera saying the buck is down and I shut it down.
    I was extremely pleased I have him walking in and eating, I have the doe come out of the woods as she eats some crab apples and I have them both on tape in front of me as I take the shot and shoot the buck.
    I wait about 15 minutes and now its 7:20 am, I know the buck is down and feel its time to look for the doe. I get down look over one arrow that i found and then go in search of the doe. I find the other arrow in the plot. it looks as if it was thrown from her as she spun to her right, it was a pass-through. After a 1 minute search, I find her dead in some thick brush.
    I text my buddy to see if he can help with the drag, its a good 300 yards through the woods and well, it's 2 deer. I had hoped he was up and he was and came by within 30 minutes.
    In the meantime I fill out the tags, i called them into the states automated system, at least it used to be automated. There is a person that now picks up and takes down the info and gives out your confirmation numbers.
    My buddy then gets there and being excited i tell him about the hunt and take out the camera to show him.

    Well, let me tell you what i'm about to say will NEVER happen again. Even though while video taping i had the camera on and I tracked the deer i did NOT press record!!
    In the excitement I blew it! Before the season even started i even went as far as writing on the camera with a sharpie "on/off" to quickly show me the correct button to press in a moment i knew may be rushed.. I didn't even think to write.."press record stupid" as well. I will now though.

    I am still so disappointed, now the only thing I can hope for is going back out there or on another property during the rut to hopefully get on camera a big buck.

    I have attached a picture of the 2 deer i got Saturday (crappy picture as i thought it was on video) and both of them after I got them hung in my garage. I have on my phone the video I took last year of my bowhunt where the deer went down after I took the 25 yard shot, and i would love to attach it here but for some reason and if anyone can help me i would be grateful.. i am not able to forward it to an email. My phone tells me it must be trimmed and when i trimmed it and sent it to another phone it was extremely blurred and it still wouldnt attach itself to an email. Also, anyone know how to untrim a video. The original video on my old Samsung phone is now trimmed and shorter in length.

    Well thanks for the long read, I hope to get back on here more, enjoy your hunting season may it be successful and stay safe. Ron

    One more thing.. sorry that the pictures aren't rotated properly, system would not allow me to do that.
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    Congrats on a very successful hunt. Don't feel too bad about the video, it could always be worse. About 25 yrs ago, when my sister got married, I volunteered to video the whole thing. I must've hit the wrong button or turned it off instead of on when the best man said his speech and my brother in law added something. I did get the priest's blessing, but not much else. Felt like an idiot for a while. They divorced 6 yrs later, so maybe it was meant to be. lol.
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    Nice job congrats
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    Congrats on the two deer. Thank you for sharing your story. Even though I couldn't watch the video, reading your story provided a nice hunt video in my mind!

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    Stacking that meat freezer two at a time! Way to get it done

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    Great job!Congratulations.

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    Congrats on the double. Great write up, you had me laughing with the video part. I always try to half ass video my hunts all the time and usually the last thing on my mind is messing with the camera when I'm trying to get a shot off. Two times I shot really nice bucks at really close distance with the camera set up facing right at them, but no way was I going to risk trying to turn it on.

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    Thanks everyone for the kind words.
    I'm not on the site much but congratulations
    to everyone that's been out there and punched
    a tag and to everyone that will.

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    Double congrats!



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