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Thread: 9/30 Ending to a great story!

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    9/30 Ending to a great story!

    So as many of you may know, there is an elite group of waterfowl hunters in the Northwest corner of this state. Hell these guys just love hunting anything that flys. Could be crows, pigeons, geese or ducks; they don't care. However, there is one season that holds special in there hearts. The early goose season! They are hardcore goose hunters and have a special bond that surpasses most friendships. Well believe it or not, I was fortunate enough to be able to join them today and boy was I glad I did. Last night when I got the invite I felt as if I was a baseball player being called up to the majors.

    Anyways, we met at a undisclosed location at 0600 hours this morning. It was a cool crisp morning after the rain stopped. After driving for 10-15 minutes we pulled up to a dairy farm in the black dark and started driving to the back fields. I was told we were going to meet a guy "the guy" and that we would be hunting over fresh cut corn. As we approached the back field a mad man jumped out of the bushes with gas powered hedge trimmers and started waving them. We had arrived!

    I watched as Tony and Adam took the trimmers and camo burlap with a t-post and made an awesome blind. How did they get the t-post in the ground you ask? They had a dang sledge hammer! I soon joined the working rhythm and helped Alex put out decoys in a specific pattern. My mind was trying so hard to absorb all the knowledge that was being thrown out. Soon after we were set up in our blind with 15-20 decoys out.

    Not too long after a bow hunter came by and was perfectly ok with us goose hunting. He went on to his spot and set up. After hearing several crows we started to hear the faint sound of geese. It was a huge group of migratory birds that flew on by. Shortly after we had a group come in and took 4 out of 7 birds. I was so excited thinking this is going to get real. Real it did get! Another group came in and we took down 6. Ten thus far! We started hearing more birds and also saw the bow hunter walking back out. I guess he'd gotten tired of all the shooting. He stopped by to talk to us and Alex and I decided to try to put the stalk on some birds we thought were in another field. Once we got away we heard geese flying over the initial blind and Adam and Tony managed to knock down two more with the bow hunter hiding behind the blind with them.

    So, we ended the morning cleaning 12 birds and I had an absolute awesome morning with a great group of guys. Thanks again for the invite boys. I believe this is the motivation I needed to knock on some doors and find some corn fields!!

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    Oh FYI the title is related to the fact that today is the last day of goose season. These guys have over 100 birds down this season. Keep up the great work on tonight's hunt guys!

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    Nice photo... That's the big leagues for sure.

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    You hit the nail on the head with your story. Perfectly illustrates the knowledge and hard work required to consistently put geese on the ground. Welcome to adiction. Never fails to put a grin on my face and a surge of a adrenaline when I hear the first honks of the morning. Way to knock down some birds guys.

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    Way to go guys. Nice pic too.
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    Very nice work with population control......any of them wearing jewelry?



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