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Thread: Crop damage hunting

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    Crop damage hunting

    I'm a hunter looking for information on crop damage hunting. Is there a website that offers locations of farmers looking for hunters to hunt deer to prevent crop damage?

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    There's no shortage of guys willing to do crop damage. Most farmers know some hunters, family and friends that will do it. And there's not a lot of turnover, once they get in, they do it for years. Good luck.
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    I agree. You have to know a farmer. Or someone that does. Kind of like saying " anyone have any private land they would be willing to share". You could try meeting some local farmers and get to know em. That would be a good start.

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    Reminds me of the Craigslist adds "looking for hunting land". Some do offer labor in exchange but I can't imagine that many farmers/landowners browse the Internet looking for hunters. Best to just wear out some rubber and go knock on landowners' doors. I would ask for permission to hunt first, crop damage can be pretty tied up like previously stated.



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