Sadly I had to take the day out for the passing of my godfather. He was in a nursing home for a while and declined quite a bit.
I figured that I am an early riser anyways, I took off for a couple of hours with the bow near my home on some state land.
I walked up a dirt road leading south that bisects the property. While walking I noticed some deer tracks on the ground crossing in a swampy brook. I kind of keep a mental note where things are for future use.
As I walked further uphill I heard the tell tale sound of a doe blowing at me. She was about 75 to 100 yards in the woods. I suspect she caught my scent. It seems almost impossible to fool the nose of a deer. I had kept my clothes in a plastic bag with earth scent wafers but it seems to no avail.
I walked around further and discovered a few more tracks but the numbers of deer are down quite a bit. Also, where I was I did not see any acorns on the ground. I know it is a tad early and we've had a bit of a heat wave for the last few days.
By this weekend it will cool off and hopefully they will move about more.