CTState EnCon Police
EastDistrict Highlights
BUIComplaint / DUI Arrest
On the evening of Saturday August 19th, 2017,Officer Landry received a complaint of a vessel occupied by two males and ajuvenile female possibly being operated under the influence at Gardner Lake,Salem. Upon arrival Officer Landry found a pickup truck with trailer attachedat the launch with a vessel just retrieved from the water, two males and ayoung female were present. She noted one male having difficulty getting up anddown from the vessel on the trailer, steadying himself against the boat andpavement. The complainant then advised the officer of seeing the same two malescome into the launch and push the 12 year old female overboard (with PFD on)about 75 feet out from the launch, followed by another boat. The vesseloperator then proceeded to yell at other boaters to get out of his way. At thispoint the same male (seen staggering) now drove the truck and trailer to theupper boat launch lot, where Officer Landry made an enforcement stop andengaged the 49 year old Salem resident operating the truck. He had a strongodor of alcoholic beverage about him, staggered while standing, and had troublefinding his requested paperwork. Sergeant Stanko arrived to assist, and uponcompleting Standardized Field Sobriety Tests the subject was placed underarrest for Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol/Drugs andother related charges. He was processed accordingly and later released from ColchesterState Police Barracks on a bond. The male’s blood alcohol content was well overtwice the legal limit. The other male passenger was also intoxicated; a safeadult was located for transport and custody of the juvenile, and the incidentwas referred to the Department of Children and Families for further review.

MissingPerson / Search And Rescue Incidents
On August 19th around 1100 hours, State Police reporteda large party of nearly 100 people in the Trimountain State Reserve area ofDurham; later reports stated an individual was injured ‘at the cliffs,’ andlocal fire department personnel responded along with Officers Hey, Landry andK9 Officer Logiodice.Following anextensive search of the area with no one found needing assistance, the groupwas dispersed and all agencies secured from the call.
About 2100 hours on August 21st, State PoliceTroop E requested assistance from EnCon Police, with ATVs, for a missing 20year old male from Woodstock who had a history of seizures, was distraught overa girlfriend break-up, and had taken his dirt bike into Pachaug State Forestareas in Voluntown and Sterling. Officers Blackwell, Danielson, K9 OfficersLogiodice and Reilly, and Sgt. Chemacki responded to the extensive search areaand found the subject’s dirt bike at about 2200 hours. Officer Logiodice begana track with K9 Ruger, and the partially conscious subject was located withinthe hour in the state forest in Plainfield. He was transferred to EMS personneland transported to a local hospital for evaluation.
Around 2200 hours on 08/22/17, a female reported two males,ages 18 and 22, were lost somewhere in the Salmon River State Forest / LarsonLot area of Colchester, stating they were not injured but had lost cell phonepower. Officers Landry, Scatena-Kurtzenacker and Sgt. Dwyer responded to thearea, where Officers Landry and Scatena-Kurtzenacker soon found the two malesand brought them safely out of the woods. The two males had accessed the areaafter dark and were cited for trespassing.
On August 23rd around 1500 hours, the CTIntelligence Center passed on a Silver Alert for an 83 year old male (WillisBean) and his vehicle, reported missing from Maynard, Massachusetts the eveningbefore in his Ford Focus; a hit on his cell phone earlier this date placed himin the Middletown / Portland area. Officers Landry and Tavares checked variousMeshomasic State Forest and DEEP areas in those and surrounding towns with noresults; later that evening, a report was received by Glastonbury and PortlandPolice of a vehicle in a ditch in the forest in Portland. Officer Landryresponded and located Mr. Bean and his vehicle, safe but somewhat confused. Thesubject was transported to Middlesex Hospital for evaluation, and notificationswere made to Massachusetts police and the next of kin.

BoatingEnforcement / Accident Incidents
On August 18, 2017, Officer Ruggiero responded to LakeBeseck, Middlefield, on two separate complaints of illegal boating on previousdays. In one case a yellow and white vessel was observed waterskiing after 6 PMfor nearly an hour (state boating regulations state maximum speed after 6 PM is8 miles per hour); in the other case, the same vessel and operator were observedby witnesses to operate about twenty (20) feet from shore, throwing a wake ontoa dock on land. Statements were taken which identified the same 27 year oldmale operator, who was known to Officer Ruggiero for similar violations thesepast two years. The subject admitted to operating during both incidents and wascited for two separate violations of boating safety regulations (operation).
On August 27, a report was received of a 21’ vessel withtwo people aboard that had grounded near Bodkin Rock along the Portlandshoreline of the Connecticut River. Officers Landry, Reilly and Ruggiero responded, and found a 46 year oldfemale and 54 year old male had been transported by rescue personnel toMiddlesex Hospital with non-life threatening facial injuries. Officers Landryand Reilly investigated the vessel on scene with Middletown PD assistance, andfound it had received extensive hull damage. The incident remains under EnConPolice investigation.

Park /Forest Enforcement
Eastern District officers responded to numerous park andforest incidents of many types throughout the month, including assisting withswim area closures at Gardner Lake, Mashomoquet Brook, Quaddick and WadsworthFalls State Parks through patrols and public interaction / education. Officersalso responded to and enforced camping closures at Green Falls and other stateparks, including citations for separate parties at Green Falls on August 9thand 25th who knew the area was closed but ‘thought it was okay’ tocamp anyway. A group of 5 people were cited and evicted from a remote area ofHaddam Meadows on August 20th, while six people with three off-roadvehicles were found camping in a posted closed area of Salmon River StateForest in East Hampton on 08/12, cited and evicted.
Early in August Officer Vroman cited a Massachusetts man asa result of an ongoing complaint, where the individual was found to havebrought a truckload of wood and debris across the state line into Nipmuck StateForest, Union, and admitted to camping there on and off for a year. The areawas cleaned up by the subject.
Officers Pettus and Scatena-Kurtzenacker reminded two 17year old males at Bigelow Hollow on 8/4/17 that the park was alcohol-free; theyadmitted to having a 12-pack of beer, stated they had no drugs, but were subsequentlyfound in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, were cited andevicted.
PublicOutreach Events
Eastern District officers participated in the Hebron Dayscommunity outreach with the TIP trailer on August 26th.

CTState EnCon Police
MarineDistrict Highlights
On August 19, 2017 EnCon Police responded to the HousatonicRiver in Stratford for a report of two Jet Skis that collided, with injuries toone of the operators. EnCon Officerslocated both Jet Skis and determined that one of the operators was transportedto a local hospital with a broken leg. Upon further investigation, it wasdetermined that the two operators were jumping the wake of a powered vessel andcrossed each other’s path resulting in a broadside collision. Both operatorswere charged with Reckless Operation 2nd Degree. The operator withthe broken leg was also charged with Operation of a PWC w/o a Certificate/License.
On August 27, 2017 EnCon Officers along with the USCG, WestHaven Police and Fire, Milford Police and Fire, New Haven Fire and the CT StatePolice Dive Team responded to New Haven Harbor for a report of a single vesselcollision into the west break wall. Thecollision resulted in the fatalities of two individuals. EnCon Police’s BoatingAccident Reconstruction Unit (B.A.R.U) continues to investigate the incident.

On August 19, 2017 EnCon Officers saw two individuals fromRhode Island fishing Quanaduck Cove in Stonington from the bridge on NorthWater Street. Both individuals were observed taking over the daily limit ofbluefish, the daily creel limit is 10. The Officers checked each bucket intheir possession revealing each was well over the daily legal creel limit. Asthe Officers went back to the individual’s pick-up truck, another bucket wasobserved containing more bluefish. In total, there were one hundred fifty (160)bluefish between the two poachers. Each received an infraction for $300.00. Thefish were donated to A Place Called Hope, a local food pantry.
On August 20, 2017 at the same location, two moreindividuals from Rhode Island were found to be in possession of 41 bluefish. Eachwere charged accordingly.
During the month of August thirty one infractions (31) wereissued for possession of short scup or over the limit, eleven infractions forshort black sea bass, eleven infractions for over the limit of bluefish,sixteen infractions for short fluke and over the limit, seven infractions forblackfish violations and nineteen infractions for fishing w/o a license. Also included were fourteen infractions forblue crab violations and two infractions for shellfish violations.

On August 26, 2017 EnCon Officers were conductingboating/fishing enforcement in Long Island Sound off Old Lyme. A vessel withfour fishermen aboard was checked for compliance. Upon verifying the vesseloperator had a proper boating and fishing license a strong odor of an alcoholicbeverage was detected by Officers. The operator was asked to conduct severalcoordination tasks of which he failed. He was then taken to shore where he alsofailed Standardized Field Sobriety Tests after a required 15-minute waitingperiod. The accused was then transported to the local State Police Barrackswhere he refused to submit to further testing. The accused was arrested andcharged for Operation of a Vessel While under the Influence of IntoxicatingLiquor/Drugs. A background check of said individual revealed he had beenarrested three times prior for similar Driving Under the Influence charges.
Over the course of the month thirteen (13) boatinginfractions were issued involving no wake zone violations on the CT River andInsufficient PFD’s.

CT State EnCon Police
West District Highlights
August 2017


On 8/17/17 atapproximately 1220 hours Officer Kiely received a complaint of someone illegallyselling Blue Crab on the online website “Offerup.com”. Officer Kielycontacted the seller using a false name and offered to purchase the Blue Crabfor the asking price of $20.00. With the assistance of OfficersFlis and Johnston, Officer Kiely went undercover and met with the seller at anapartment complex in Meriden. The accused approached Officer Kiely with abox containing approximately (1) dozen Blue Crab along with a tin foil wrappedcooked crab. The accused offered Officer Kiely the cooked Blue Crab toeat and he declined. After confirming the seller’s intent to sell theBlue Crab for $20.00, Officer Kiely identified himself as a Police Officer withEncon Police and verified that the seller did not possess a valid State of CT CommercialFishing License. The accused had previous history with Encon Police involvingpossession of less than legal length Blue Crab. The accused signed aconsent to search of his cell phone and residence with negative results offurther illegal commercial fishing activity. Officer Flis transported theBlue Crabs down to Marine District HQ, Old Lyme and released the “baker’sdozen” unharmed. The accused was issued a misdemeanor summons for (13)counts of Possession of Blue Crab For Commercial Purpose (Sale) WithoutCommercial License. The accused was released on a $1,200 Non-Surety Bondwith a court set date of 8/31/17 at G.A. 7 Meriden.


On 8/18/17 OfficersDeFelice, Norton and Sergeant Begley responded to a disturbance at Black RockState Park. Upon arrival Officers found that the disturbance was betweena brother and sister, who were both deaf. With translating assistancefrom a family member, Officers determined that the sister had pushed and shovedher brother to obtain his car keys, for which she did not have permission touse. During the investigation it was found that the sister had an activewarrant for her arrest out of Farmington PD. The sister was arrested andcharged with Disorderly Conduct, Operating a Motor Vehicle under Suspension andPossession of Alcoholic Beverage in a State Park. She was released on a$5,000 non-surety bond and turned over to Farmington PD for her outstandingwarrant. The brother was cited for Possession of Marijuana and Possessionof Drug Paraphernalia.


On8/4/17 at approximately 2023 hours Connecticut’s Department of Energy andEnvironmental Protection (DEEP) Environmental Conservation Police were onpatrol on Candlewood Lake in Brookfield. Officers saw a vessel that wasunderway near Candlewood Shores not displaying the proper navigation lights.Upon stopping the vessel officers found that the operator did not have a SafeBoating Certificate and the vessel lacked proper personal flotation devices. Officersalso suspected the operator to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. TheCandlewood Lake Authority Marine Patrol (CLAMP) responded to assist in securingthe vessel and its passengers. The operator was brought to shore where officersattempted to perform standardized field sobriety tests. Once on shore theoperator became agitated, punching and kicking a nearby picnic table and powertransformer and became verbally abusive toward several uninvolved marinapatrons. The operator was placed under arrest and Brookfield Police Departmentassisted by transporting the accused to the Brookfield Police Department. Theaccused was charged with Boating Under The Influence, Breach of Peace, Failureto Display Navigation Lights, Operation of a Vessel without Safe Boating Certificate,and Insufficient Personal Flotation Devices. The accused was released on a $1000.00non-surety bond with a court set date of August 18, 2017, at Danbury SuperiorCourt (GA3).

On 08/15/2017 at 1253 hours DEEP Dispatchreceived a 911 call through Danbury Police Department regarding a kayaker indistress on Candlewood Lake in the vicinity of Danbury Bay, adjacent to theFederal Correctional Center. The 911 caller reported a female kayaker stuck onthe lake, unable to paddle against the current high winds. The woman’s 60 yearold husband attempted to swim from shore to help her and became overcome by theweather conditions. He was unable to swim to the kayak or back to shore, andwas now almost out of sight to the 911 caller. Seasonal Conservation OfficerStephen Cammack was on patrol and immediately responded via patrol vessel. Uponarrival minutes later, he made contact with the woman kayaker who wasdistraught and still overwhelmed. SCO Cammack began searching for the missingperson in the water (PIW). Approximately300 feet away he observed an object and as he approached it, he found it wasthe PIW, with only the top of his head barely visible above the waterline. SCOCammack found the man conscious but very weak. He securely grasped the man’sarm against the patrol vessel, keeping his head above water. After severalminutes, the man regained enough strength to be assisted onboard. He thenretrieved the female kayaker and returned both safely to shore.
On 8/26/17 OfficersHeath and DeFelice responded to Waterbury for a report of an iguana in abasement. The homeowner reported that she went into her basement andfound a live iguana standing in her basement. Dispatchers attempted tocalm the hysterical homeowner who was unsure if the animal was real ornot. Dispatchers asked her to send a picture of the reptile in question,which initially looked to be a stuffed animal. Responding Officers locateda live Green Iguana which was taken into possession without incident. Aftercompleting a neighborhood canvass the reptile’s owner was located. Theowner informed Officers that the iguana had escaped recently and she could notlocate him. The iguana was returned to the owner.

On June 11th the Connecticut Environmental Conservation Policewere called to assist the Waterbury Police Department with the investigationinto a gaggle of geese that were killed while crossing Lakewood Road inWaterbury. Upon arrival, EnCon Police Officers were advised that approximately13 geese, two adults and eleven goslings, had been struck by a vehicle whilecrossing the road between 0500 hours and 0600 hours. EnCon Police Officersobserved tracks swerving off of the road from where the geese had been struckand onto the shoulder. The tracks lead to an abandoned rear bumper withthe license plate still attached. Officers contacted the registered owner ofthe vehicle. The registered owner stated that she had registered the vehiclefor a friend from Waterbury. Officers were able to contact the accused by cellphone. The accused denied striking the geese and stated that the vehicle hadbeen stolen from him the previous night. However, the vehicle had not beenreported stolen and he would not come forward to speak with police in person ashe stated that he was out of town that morning. On June 13th the accused turnedhimself in to Waterbury PD on multiple unrelated PRAWN warrants and wasinterviewed by an EnCon Police Officer at that time. The accused again deniedthat he had been operating the vehicle when it struck the geese and repeatedthat it had been stolen the night before. On June 15th the vehicle was foundabandoned, with the rear bumper missing, in Buck’s Hill Park in Waterbury. AnEnCon Police Officer responded to process the vehicle and discovered a goosefeather still stuck in the grill of the Acura. Two search warrants weresubmitted to G.A. 4 Waterbury Superior Court for both the registered owner’sand the accused operator’s cell phone records in July. The cell phone data wasplotted with the assistance of the Monroe Police Department's DetectiveBureau. The registered owner’s cell phone records indicated that she wasnot in the area during the time the geese had been struck. However, the accusedoperator’s cell phone records indicated his movement was consistent withsomeone traveling by vehicle and showed that his cell phone hit off of a celltower a half mile from the location during the time the geese were struck. A warrantfor the arrest of the accused was approved by G.A. 4 Waterbury Superior Courtfor charges including Animal Cruelty (13 counts), Taking of Canada Geese Out ofSeason (13 Counts), Illegal Method of Take (13 Counts), False Statement, and Interferingwith an Officer with a court ordered $25,000 cash or surety bond, extraditablein CT, NY, and MA.

On August 29th the accused finally surrendered himself to EnConPolice Officers at the Connecticut State Police Troop A Barracks in Southbury.He was also arrested and charged with an additional violation of Driving whileunder suspension as EnCon Police Officers observed him operating a vehicle whileentering the parking lot and were aware that he had a suspended operator’slicense. He was processed, released on surety bond and is scheduled to appearin G.A. 4 Waterbury Superior Court on September 12th.

On 8/20/17 OfficerDeFelice responded to Roraback State Forest in Harwinton for a report of amedical emergency. Upon arrival it was found that the victim hadintentionally harmed himself with the intention of ending his life. The victimwas safely located conscious and alert in a heavily wooded parcel of theWildlife Management Area. The victim was evacuated and transported to a nearbyhospital. A suicide note was recovered from the victim’s residence. Duringthe investigation the victim was found to be in possession of a loadedfirearm. Upon further investigation it was found that the victim was inpossession of several other firearms, some of which family members had hiddenfor safe keeping as they were in fear the victim would use them to harmhimself. Based on the nature of the incident the victim’s firearms wereseized for safe keeping as it was determined that the victim posed a threat tohimself. The firearms remain held pending a hearing regarding theirreturn.

On 8/23/17 atapproximately 01:15 hours, Western District Encon Officers Kiely and Nortonwere dispatched to Naugatuck State Forest in Oxford for the report of a missingadult female and her two children (Ages 8 and 4). Troop A was notifiedjust before midnight when they received a call from the husband of the missingparties stating that he had located their vehicle parked near Reservoir #2. CSPK9 and DEEP K9 Teams were deployed into the forest along with assistance ofOxford Police and Fire Departments. At approximately 0700 hours, the adultfemale and two children made their way out to Chestnut Tree Hill Road and were locatedwalking down the road. The investigation found the adult and her two childrenwere hiking around Reservoir #3 towards Reservoir #4 around 2000 hours. Asthey continued East of Reservoir #4 along the walking trails a severe stormcame through the area. The group took shelter under a tree just off thetrail. The group attempted to walk back to their vehicle but found themselvesdisoriented in the dark. The mother stated she stayed awake while the twochildren slept the night. After first light the group continued on thewalking trails and onto Chestnut Tree Hill Road. All three were evaluatedby Oxford EMS for minor injuries and refused transport.