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Thread: 9/23 A Few Geese Down

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    9/23 A Few Geese Down

    Been busy with work and a new house but finally made it out to one of my field spots this morning after a few unsuccessful hunts over water. No shortage of wind today which is nice. Different that your typical early season hunt where there is usually little to no wind and it's 80 degrees. Set up a small spread in an old feed lot that the birds had been using sporadically but mostly afternoons. Only saw a pair and a single until 7:30 when another pair snook in behind me never making a sound till they were directly behind the blind. They hooked a 180 60yds out and careened into the landing zone. I was a bit rusty on the approach and with the stronger wind they broke left and right faster than I anticipated but was able to double up right then left. Nothing much flying besides that so no pile pics today. One thing to be said about little to no traffic, makes you look like a much better shot with no other birds to miss.

    May try once before early season is over. Most of the corn in my area still hasn't been cut so the first split looks a bit more promising.

    Figured I'd introduce the new pup to some geese, he's not from hunting lines but has been showing some promise training. He took a few minutes but warmed up to them.
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    Im jealous.. I haven't been able to get out at all as I have been busy with a new house as well.

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    Nice! Congrats

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    Nice pic with the pup.


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    Sounds like a nice morning. Minus the heat. Cograts on the birds. Great looking dog.

    Finding the same thing with the corn in our area for the most part. Our field permissions are staying uncut until October save a few fields that were leveled for silage. October field geese should be spot on!
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    Congrats...looks like a great time with the new pup.



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