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Thread: Trying New Safety System For Treestand Hunting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mountain man View Post
    Well, glad your wearing something.
    I hear your pain with wearing a harness. But I went out and bought a better one than the ones that come with tree stands. Those are just awful. The one I bought is a bit better. I have no problem wearing it over mild weather gear and no problem putting heavy stuff over it or it over heavy stuff.

    You have more balls than I do. I have hunted from stands a couple times without a harness and I am not ok with that. A harness is a must for me. and I'm no pansy.
    I have the hunter safety systems with the vest sewn into it. The leg straps connect with seat belt buckles, lol. I just wasn't into it.
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    I'm really scared of heights and couldn't do tree stands because I felt like I wasn't tethered to the tree for safety.

    I use something similar that actually functions as my "tree stand" itself - called a "tree saddle". You are always tethered to the tree.

    I just stand on the top of a chopped climbing stick as my platform while sitting in the tree saddle.

    Now if I can only actually shoot at something while up in a tree

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    HSS has improved their harnesses. They've done away with the seat belt style closures to a more flat system. Still a bit uncomfortable but safety first. I replace them when they 'expire' even though the straps look good. Its the one hunting expense the wife doesn't mind.

    I have a co worker who fell 30ft b/c he had no harness. He was lucky and lived and is not paralyzed but he does have problems.

    Also, when it gets cold I put the harness over my last insulating layer and under my heavy outer layer. This makes it less restrictive and keeps pocket access. I run the tether out as usual and is only a bit of a problem in Jan when it lets a little cold air in under the hood.

    Wear one for your wife/kids/family if not for yourself. Harnesses are a pain and uncomfortable but we are used to discomfort. We get wet, cold, up in the middle of the nigh to walk through dark woods, etc... A little more discomfort to ensure we can hunt another day is well worth it.



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