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Thread: Hunting with a friend

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    Hunting with a friend

    Hello everyone,
    This is my first time on this forum, I preemptively apologize for any poor etiquette; my question though is a little elaborate and if clarification is needed please let me know. I intend hunting for the first time in CT, I have grown up here and done the basic poking around with the pellet rifle, but my goal is small game such as rabbit and squirrel currently. I was wondering what regulations exist if I wanted to take a friend hunting with me, meaning to say he would go through the hunting course that is mandated by CT as I understand it, but he would not have a firearm permit, if he is using one of mine with me present or in the vicinity, is this okay by law? Or would he have to go through the process of getting a license? Thank you in advance for any support and guidance, I apologize for the basic question but I have been struggling on getting a clear answer from DEP.

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    For handguns or "pistols", your friend would need their own permit to carry the thing while hunting even if it belongs to you.

    For "longarms", there is no permit required to carry or possess one - just an "eligibility certificate" to purchase one.

    For a shotgun or rimfire rifle then, I believe you can lend your friend one because there is no other permit or license required to do so other basic eligibility to have a firearm (i.e. not a felon, etc. yadi-yada).

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    Thanks for the info! I have heard things similar to what you have mentioned, but wanted additional confirmation from the more educated community that seems to be on here.

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