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Thread: Moral dilemma???????

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    Moral dilemma???????

    I have a bit of a dilemma.

    My wife and I moved to Connecticut three years ago on a home with 4.5 acres of land. It abuts a large parcel of protected land, unfortunately no hunting on that trust land. Anyways. We used to see a lot of deer. We had several that would visit and I did set up a ladder stand but no success. Close but no cigar in the archery field, so to speak.

    Well. Now it seems we have only two deer, a pair of does, on the property that come to visit. There is definitely a downturn in the herd. I suspect coyotes and crop damage but can't really prove it. So I would like some input if possible.

    Should I shoot one of the does, if possible? Take a "meat " doe and then do not bother the other one?

    Should I let them get comfortable and hope they draw in a buck? I did have one nocturnal image of a buck on my camera from last season.

    Any comments are welcomed.

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    When I was young a man told me that taking a deer out of the herd was like taking a cup of water out of a pail. Once you remove one the void will fill if its good deer country. That said I like to leave some seed for the future and to draw a buck. I would shoot a doe and hunt coyotes after the first of the year.

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    Nothing wrong with shooting does.
    If you really care about the population, leave the bucks. They can mate with several does.

    4.5 acres is plenty. If I were you, I would plan out a spot for a half acre food plot.



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