CT EnCon Police
East DistrictHighlights
July 2017
Drowning Incident
Late on theafternoon of 07/29/17, Officers Landry, Wojcik and Sergeant Dwyer responded toMillers Pond State Park, Durham, for a male reported to have disappeared underthe water after swimming. The 33 yearold male from Queens, New York had been seen in the water with his wife and daughter,had been swimming ‘laps’, then was observed to have turned toward shore, raisedhis hands over his head, and went underwater.Haddam and Durham fire personnel responded along with State Police andMiddletown South District Fire Department dive units, along with EnCon PoliceK9 officers Kiely and Logiodice.Thevictim was located by South District Fire dive personnel in about 12’ of waterlater that evening.

Parks and Forest Enforcement
EastDistrict EnCon Police officers were very busy, along with officers and parkstaff around the state, assisting with record numbers of park closures on thefirst three Sundays of July as well as the July 4th holiday.On Sunday, 7/2, ten parks closed statewide, 5of them in the Eastern District; Sunday 7/9 saw 3 parks statewide closed (2 inthe East); and 7/16 six (6) parks closed, 4 in the district.July Fourth had a near-record nineteen parksclosed statewide, seven of them in the East.Despite very hot, sunny weather, officers and the minimal park staffwere able to handle most issues arising from the closures and minimize publicsafety concerns.
On 7/3/17,Officer Reilly was on patrol of Pattaconk Lake Recreation Area in Chester whenshe saw a pickup truck in the parking lot surrounded by several males, who fledupon her arrival. Two males in thevehicle then headed toward the exit, and Officer Reilly noted the vehicle wasunregistered since 2016.As she began tofollow the vehicle, it stopped quickly, a passenger exited, then the maleoperator backed up the vehicle into a handicapped space, nearly hitting a treeand forcing her to take evasive action to avoid being hit.Upon blocking in the vehicle, Officer Reillyapproached the operator, who was generally uncooperative, smelled of alcoholicbeverages, had two beer bottles in the console, and had other evidence ofalcohol impairment.Other males from thebeach area attempted to interfere with Officer Reilly’s investigation until thearrival of Sergeant Stanko, Captain Williams and State Police troopers.Eventually the 25 year old male operator fromClinton provided some identification and consented to field sobriety tests,which he failed.He was arrested andtransported to State Police Westbrook Barracks, where he was processed andcharged with driving under the influence of alcohol and operating a motorvehicle without registration and insurance.He was later released on a $1000 bond with a scheduled appearance inMiddletown superior court.
On the JulyFourth holiday, Officer Reilly responded two separate times to Gardner Lake StatePark and boat launch, Salem. First for a reported assault and later for a largegathering setting up tents on the beach after dark. A male party received medical treatment afterbeing punched in the face and hitting his head on pavement; all suspects hadleft the scene and no assailant could be identified.Later, while addressing the campers /fireworks after hours with State Police assistance, Officer Reilly was informeda 45 year old male was missing from the party – she soon found the victimunresponsive in another part of the park, and requested medical services.The victim was later found to have suffered aheart attack.Investigations continue.
On July 8th,Officer Landry received a report of a large “Closed at Sunset” sign that hadbeen stolen from the base of Soapstone Mountain, Shenipsit State Forest,Somers.A Facebook post had beendiscovered with a male suspect holding the sign and indicating he had come tothe poster’s home to hide it.Followingsome diligent investigation, Officer Landry identified the 19 year old malesuspect from Tolland who confessed to going to the mountain well after dark onJuly 7th, taking the sign and damaging the remaining signboard.He was arrested and processed on larceny,criminal trespass and criminal mischief charges, he is scheduled to appear inRockville superior court.His threefriends also provided statements and were also cited individually for trespassing.
On 7/23/2017,Officers Landry and Ruggiero responded to Hopeville Pond State Park campgroundsin Griswold for a 34 year old male reportedly intoxicated and wishing to harmhimself. The male told a companion hehad suicidal thoughts and had twice previously attempted suicide.Officers ensured the campsite and surroundingarea were clear of potential hazards and requested EMS for a voluntaryemergency committal of the subject to Backus Hospital, Norwich.
Later thesame day (July 23rd), Officers Bouthillier, Pettus and SergeantDwyer responded to Ross Pond State Park cliffs in Killingly for an 18 year oldmale who had been hiking with a companion and fell a substantial distance downa gravel area among the rocky cliffs.Local fire and ambulance personnel responded, the subject was foundconscious and alert and refused further medical treatment.

Public Outreach Events/Training
Officers fromthe Eastern District participated in the CT Police Chiefs Association day atthe Channel 3 Kids Camp on July 20th.Officer Scatena-Kurtzenacker and CaptainLundin interacted with the numerous campers, emphasizing outdoor, fire andboating safety, while Officer Logiodice and K9 Ruger demonstrated evidencedetection and recovery procedures for the campers, staff and media.
CT EnCon Police
Marine DistrictHighlights
July 2017
Boating Accidents / Enforcement
On 7/1/2017EnCon Officers around the state participated in “Operation Dry Water”, an eventsponsored by NASBLA (National Association of Boating Law Administrators) to enforceboating under the influence. OfficerBlackwell, Sergeant Stanko and Captain Williams were working the lower CT Riverin Old Lyme and saw a vessel traveling at a high rate of speed through theposted “No Wake Zone” between the RT 95 (Baldwin Bridge) and the railroadbridge.The vessel was stopped and asafety compliance check was conducted.During the safety inspection, several bottles of alcohol were seen andit was determined that the operator had been drinking.It was also determined that the operator wastwenty years old.The blood alcoholcontent (BAC) of a vessel operator under the influence is .02.The operator was brought to shore and putthrough the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests of which he failed.He was brought to Troop F for processingwhere it was determined that he was over the legal limit.He was issued a Misdemeanor Summons forboating under the influence.
On 7/20/2017Officer Curran responded to a vessel collision off of Groton Long Point in LongIsland Sound involving a 42’ sail boat and a 25’ regulator. The sail boat was not under sail at the timeand was being operated under power.Theoperator of the regulator was fishing off his stern and drifting when he lookedforward and saw the sail boat approaching his bow and then hit him.The operator of the sail boat did not stopand continued on without speaking to the fisherman.The fisherman contacted the USCG whoresponded and escorted both vessels to the dock at Fort Trumbull.After speaking with the operator of thesailboat, who initially stated he did not believe the vessels collided, headmitted, after seeing the damage to both his vessel and the regulator, that“it is possible” the vessels collided. He also admitted he did not see the Regulatoruntil he heard yelling, indicating he was inattentive while at the helm.The operator of the sailboat was issued aninfraction for failure to maintain proper lookout.
On 7/26/2017Officer O’Brien responded to a single vessel accident off of Shippan Point LongIsland Sound, Stamford. The vessel wasoccupied by four individuals.Theoperator of the vessel struck several rocks near Shippan Point Shoal of whichthen the vessel began taking on water.Stamford Police & Fire along with Darien Police assisted and rescuedthe four individuals.The operator wasissued an infraction for failure to maintain proper lookout.

On 7/29/2017EnCon Officers along with USCG and New Haven Fire responded to a distress callregarding a single vessel collision with a buoy in New Haven Harbor. The two male occupants onboard were ejectedfrom the vessel.Both were transportedto Yale-New Haven Hospital where the operated was pronounced deceased.The passenger survived with significantinjuries.The incident is still underinvestigation by EnCon Police.
During themonth of July numerous infractions were issued to violators of the “No WakeZone” in the lower CT River between Harbor One and just north of the RT 95(Baldwin) Bridge.

Park & Forest Enforcement
Over theFourth of July Weekend EnCon Officers in the Marine District were committed toour three major state parks and beaches, Rocky Neck, Hammonasset and SherwoodIsland as well as Silver Sands. Crowdswere at historic levels and those that have been on for as long as 26 years havestated it was the busiest they have ever seen it.Numerous citations were issued for motorvehicle violations including speeding, illegal parking and evading as well asHours of Operation, Quiet Hour violations and Illegal Camping.
On 7/21 2017EnCon Officers along with Milford Fire, Milford PD, Stratford PD and USCGresponded to Silver Sands State Park for a report of male who had been walkingon the sand bar to Charles River and got swept into the water and went missing. An extensive search was conducted withnegative results.On 7/23/2017 the deceasedmale individual was recovered from the water at Silver Sands.

Shellfish Enforcement
On 7/7/2017Officer Bernier was patrolling Ash Creek in Bridgeport and saw an individualtaking over the daily limit of clams. AsOfficer Bernier approached the suspect he began dumping some of the clams inthe bushes to elude the Officer.OfficerBernier instructed the individual not to dump any more clams and determined hehad almost twice the legal limit.Theindividual was issued a citation for possession of clams over the daily limit.
On 7/18/2017Sergeant Stone saw an individual commercially taking oversized oysters in aprohibited area in the Farm River on the Branford/East Haven Line. The violator also failed to call in andreport the relay and was cited for Violation of his shellfish license andfailure to call in.
On 7/22/2017Officer Logiodice received a complaint in Guilford of a couple taking over thedaily limit of quahogs. Upon inspectionof the harvest, the couple had taken 1 bushel of quahogs instead of the ½bushel daily limit.The permit holderwas cited for over the daily limit of clams.

Fishing Enforcement
On 7/10/2017Officer Fergason saw a male fishing at the Birdseye Fishing Pier in Stratfordkeeping undersized striped bass and putting them in his car. The male was issued a Misdemeanor Summons forillegal possession. Officer Bruno issued two infractions for Possession of UndersizedTautog on the Thames River, and three infractions for Possession of UndersizedFluke at the Barn Island Boat Launch in Stonington. Officer Nivolo also issuedand infraction for undersized Fluke in Stratford.Numerous infractions were also issued in theMarine District for Possession of Undersized Scup and Fishing w/o a License.

CT EnCon Police
West District Highlights
July 2017

MOTOR VEHICLE ENFORCEMENTOn 7/2/17 Officer Defelice responded to Mohawk State Forest for areport of an intoxicated motorcycle operator. Upon arrival a male waslocated attempting to pick up his motorcycle after dropping it severaltimes. The male motorcycle operator had the odor of alcoholic beverage onhim, and at one point fell completely to the ground. The operator failed the StandardizedField Sobriety Tests and was placed under arrest for Operating a Motor VehicleWhile Under the Influence. He was transported to CSP Troop L where he wasbooked, processed and released on a $500 non-surety bond.On 07/15/17 Officer Hage was on proactive patrol at Lake Zoar BoatLaunch due to recent complaints of disorderly conduct and vandalism. As OfficerHage was exiting the boat launch he saw a vehicle traveling in the oppositedirection at a high rate of speed, crossing over the solid yellow line and intohis driving lane. Officer Hage followed the vehicle into Lake Zoar Boat Launchto initiate a vehicle stop. Upon stopping the vehicle, the operator couldnot provide a valid operator's license or registration and was found to bein the possession of marijuana. Throughout the contact, the juvenileoperator was highly emotional, often crying and shoutingthroughout the duration of the contact and continually lying to officers.Southbury PD responded to the scene after it was revealed that the operator hadbeen arrested by their agency the previous night for disorderly conduct duringa violent altercation. The vehicle was towed and the operator was issued aninfraction for violations for Operating a Motor Vehicle w/o a License and Failureto drive right. The operator was also issued a Juvenile Summons for Possessionof Marijuana and Possession of Tobacco Product. The accused is scheduled toappear in Waterbury Juvenile Court on 07/15/17. BOATINGACCIDENTSOn07/11/17 at approximately 2130 hours ENCON Officers, Newtown Police Department,Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Company, Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps and LakeZoar Marine Patrol responded to Lake Zoar in the area of Mohawk Trail, Newtownon the report of a boating accident. Upon arrival, it was discovered that twovessels, one pontoon boat and one ski boat collided. As a result from thecollision an occupant from the pontoon boat was ejected into the water and waspronounced deceased as a result of their injuries at Danbury Hospital ER. Southwest Officers and the Boat AccidentReconstruction Unit continue the investigation.On 7/11/17 Off. Defelice responded to East Twin Lake for a reportof a boating accident with unknown injuries. A vessel operator reportedstriking a swimmer by a swim platform at the northern section of thelake. The vessel was loaded with seven passengers onboard as part of aschool sanctioned recreational event. The female swimmer was transportedto a hospital in Great Barrington, Massachusetts where she was treated fora head injury and lacerations to her head and foot. The operator of thevessel was cited for Failure to Maintain Proper Lookout and Reckless Operationof a Vessel in the 2nd Degree.WARRANT SERVICEOn 07/25/2017 Officer Kiely was dispatchedto Cheshire Police Department for the report an individual in custody onan active DEEP Encon Police Arrest Warrant. The arrest warrantwas applied for by Marine Zone Officers regarding an incident that occurredon/or about 06/18/17 at Sherwood Island State Park where the accused fled froma traffic stop. The accused was processed at Cheshire Police Departmentfor the following violations; Operating Vehicle Under Suspension, Failure toDisplay Registration Plate, Interfering/Resisting Police Officer, TravelingUnreasonably Fast, and Failure to Surrender License/ Registration. Theaccused was released on a $5000.00 Court Ordered Surety Bond with a court dateof 08/08/2017 at G.A. 20 Norwalk.On 7/28/17 Officer Defelice wasdispatched to Bristol Police Department, where the local PD had a male detainedon an outstanding DEEP EnCon Police warrant, along with a warrant issued by DOCParole Officers for felony violation of Parole. In an almost similar situationas the prior case, Marine Zone Officers applied for a warrant after the subjectfled on a motorcycle during a traffic stop at Hammonasett State Park earlier inthe summer. Officer Defelice served the subject with both warrants. The subjectwas unable to post the required $102,500 bond and was transferred to theDepartment of Correction’s Hartford Correctional Center for the weekend. Thesubject was ultimately arraigned at Bristol Superior court and remains in DOCcustody.PUBLIC SAFETY:On 07/16/2017 Officer Heath was dispatchedto the area of Ramp Road in the Nepaug State Forest, New Hartford for a reportof an intoxicated individual leaving the park. Upon arrival, Officer Heathfound that Canton PD had also responded and located the intoxicated subject,not in a vehicle, but actively fighting and threatening a family picnicking bythe river. Canton PD detained the subject to end his violent behavior. OfficerHeath took the lead on the case and investigated the disturbance by interviewingmultiple witnesses to the incident. The subject was transported to Canton PDfor processing, but shortly after arrival became ill and was transported, viaambulance, to a Hospital in Torrington. Officer Heath completed his arrest byissuing the subject a summons for Breach of Peace.On the afternoon of 07/04/17Southwest EnCon Officers were dispatched to a report of a man overboard andmissing on the Housatonic River in the area of the Bleachery Dam in NewMilford. Upon arrival the Officers discovered that it was not a boatingaccident but a male picnicking with family who left from the westernshore of Lake Lillinonah south of the Bleachery Dam to go for aswim and was witnessed struggling / going under the surface. Southwest EnCon Officers assisted New Milford Police Department in thesearch for the missing swimmer. An EnCon Police patrol vessel was broughtfrom Candlewood Lake to aid in the on water search. Divers were unable toimmediately locate the body of the drowning victim. State EnCon Police deployedside-scan sonar which is installed on the Zodiac patrol vessel.Within several minutes of deployment officers had side-scan imagery of a targetof interest in a specific location. The target of interest identified byEnCon Officers was unfortunately confirmed by New Milford PoliceDivers leading to the recovery of the swimmer's body at that location. Theinvestigation is led by New Milford Police with on-scene assistance from StateEnCon Police, Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue, Waterwitch Hose Company, aSikorsky helicopter equipped with Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR), andNew Milford Ambulance. The side-scan sonar was purchased last year with grantmoney from Firstlight Power Resources who own several of the hydroelectricdams along the Housatonic River.On the morning of 7/9/17 officerswere dispatched to Kent Falls for a report of a suspicious item. Apark patron reported a suspicious package left on the covered bridge in thepark. When examined by the park manager it appeared to be a metalcontainer, like a portable grill, with wires visible in and out of it. Thearea was immediately cordoned off. A photo of the device was sent to a memberof the State Police bomb squad, who determined it was also suspicious. The parkwas then evacuated and closed. The bomb squad arrived on scene and X-rayed thedevice and determined it was not a threat. Upon further examination it wasdiscovered that it was a portable gas grill, partially covered with an item ofclothing, and the igniter systems wires were protruding from the side. All toldthe device and its location looked suspicious. This case came to a benignconclusion due to the coordinated efforts of Parks, EnCon and CSP cooperation.The park was then reopened. PUBLIC OUTREACH:On 7/7/17 the CT State EnCon Police was recognized by ProjectChild Safe with a 'Partner Profile' based on our firearms safety initiativeconducted this past spring. Project ChildSafe is a program of theNational Shooting Sports Foundation to promote firearm safety andeducation. Project ChildSafe is committed to promoting genuinefirearm safety through the distribution of safety education messages and freefirearm safety kits to communities across the U.S.