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Thread: Scout brings mixed emotions

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    Scout brings mixed emotions

    Well Bishop and I headed out to one of our favorite state land spots - far from the truck and very little hunting pressure. He shot a nice doe in this spot last year and we headed back to confirm the trails still showed signs of use. About had a trail cam set up and Bishop says "nevermind, take it down" and I looked in his direction to see him looking at a new lock-on setup. Ugh...

    Took the cam down and headed back to the truck to scout another spot. The second spot looks promising but it was so disappointing to have a stand hung within 20yds from where we planned to hunt. Such is hunting in stateland I guess. Good for that guy, he did his homework and found a great spot.

    Motivates me to find another off the path spot and we'll see how the season goes.

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    Note the screw in steps still had the price tags on them. Brand new setup! If it wouldn't have been for seeing those red price stickers going up the tree I wouldn't have seen it

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    I dunno if I would've been as magnanimous as you guys

    On thinking about it some more though, I really believe I have the most fun scouting - looking for and setting up pinch points with the perfect tree. THAT is the actual "hunting" part in tree stand hunting to me that involves thinking, interpretive extrapolation. That's where you create the shot opportunity. The waiting in the tree part is just being there at the right time and mechanically executing the shot.

    You thus get to do more "real hunting" now

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    Scout brings mixed emotions

    I had to look that up, but great use of the word!

    very generous or forgiving, especially toward a rival or someone less powerful than oneself.



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