Hey y'all!

Been awhile since I posted, but my name is Chris and I'm the president of the UConn Pistol and Rifle Club as well as an avid sportsman. This year, we're trying to work with DEEP to try to set up a Firearms Hunting Class for University of Connecticut-Storrs students. The club has significant interested and we've had well over 20 students let us know they're interested, in addition to half a dozen supportive professors/staff.

At the moment, we're working well within UCONN policies and are reaching out to local clubs to find a space for instruction to pair with campus locations. The class would most likely be a self study class with either one full field day or two seperate 4 hour sessions in the afternoon during the end of the week.

If anyone is certified to teach hunter safety or knows someone who is and would be interested helping in september or october, send me a PM! Any suggestions, contacts, or support is appreciated!